Name:  Paige Nicole Vallee                                        Nickname: Paigey


Hometown: Huntersville MD


Current Residence: North Carolina


Birthdate: 12-20-1996                         Birthplace: Bellevue NE


Height:            6’                                Weight: 140


Current Coach: Alex Levin    


High School Attended with location: Home schooled                        Year of Graduation: 2015


Sports You Competed in While in High School:


Polocrosse 2004-Present

Volleyball 2011-2012


College Attended: Central Carolina                                       Year of Graduation: 2017


Major: Psychology



2013 Polocrosse Nationals A grade Champions

2014 Nationals Pentathlon 3rd Juniors

2015 USA Polocrosse World Cup Team (SA)

2016 World Championship Triathlon Jr. mixed relay 3rd place

2016 World Championship Triathlon Open-2nd place


Hobbies: Polocrosse, Hunter/jumpers, Pottery


Something Unique Others May Not Know About You:

In the last 6 years, I have lived in 6 countries by myself before the age of 18.


Favorite Foods: Anything made with potatoes


What Do You Eat for Pre-Competition? Pasta the night before ,Yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast


Favorite Athlete: Tom Brady


Favorite Movie: The Grinch


Favorite Music: Country


Favorite Country Visited for Competition: Zambia, South Africa