Hometown (City, State): Aurora, CO


Current Residence (City, State): Aurora, CO


Birthdate: 07/17/1999                                    Birthplace (City, State): Fairfax, VA


Height:            5’2”                            Weight: 125


Current Coach: Elaine Cheris           


High School Attended with location: Grandview High School, Aurora, CO                                    Year of Graduation: 2017


Sports You Competed in While in High School/ University (include number of years): Swimming, Fencing, modern pentathlon


College Attended: Community College of Aurora                                                                Year of Graduation: still in school


Major: Biology


Family Members Who Have Competed or Are Competing in Amateur or Professional Athletics (include Name, Relation, Sport, Team Name, Years, Top Accomplishments and Country if not USA)

Sylvana Ross (sister): track and field at University of Cincinnati 2015-2018, NCAA alternate for 4x400

Something Unique Others May Not Know About You:

I have a dog name Oscar.

Favorite Foods: Macaroni and Cheese

Favorite Athlete: Simone Manuel

Favorite Movie: Black Panther

Favorite Country Visited for Competition: Ireland

Major Pentathlon Competition Results

2015 Youth A Nationals 1st place

2016 Youth A Nationals 1st place

2017 Youth A Nationals 1st place

Dec Qualifier 1 2nd place

Jan Qualifier 2 3rd place

Jan Qualifier 3 2nd place

Updated 7/13/19