Height: 6-0
Weight: 150
High School: homeschooled & Eastern New Mexico State University
Year of Graduation: 2011
Coach: Jan Olesinski

Current Senior World Ranking as of 11/16/11: 213th
2011 World Cup Ranking: 124th
2011 Junior World Ranking: 102nd
2011 Youth A World Ranking: 36th
2011 Senior National Ranking:
2011 Junior National Ranking:

Other Sports Played in High School: 
cross country & swimming (state champion in 100 & 50 freestyle; 2nd place in 50 & 100 butterfly)

Hobbies: golf, paintball, hunting, skiing and power napping

Favorite Foods: pad thai, pasta, sushi and Reese's peanut butter cups

Pre-competition meal: steak & pasta

Favorite Athletes: Nathan Schrimsher (brother) & Michael Phelps

Favorite Movies: "Bourne Ultimatum", "Get Smart", "The Lord of the Rings", "The Last Samurai" and "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Favorite Music: rock & pop

Favorite Books: "The Hobbit", "The Last Patriot" and "The Ranger's Apprentice"

Favorite Country Visited for Competition: Portugal

Did You Know?: Lucas is an excellent snow skiier, and if he was not training full time for pentathlon he would like to compete in downhill racing...he is a home-schooled high school student who also takes a few college classes through Eastern New Mexico University...currently has enough college credits to be classified as a sophomore in college and continues to work toward his associate's degree...although he is only Youth B in age (15), Lucas has been competing in the Youth A level for two years...he lives on a ranch in southeastern New Mexico and has a special way with horses, and enjoys riding bareback across the prairie.

January Domestic Qualifier (Colorado Springs): 4th

December Domestic Qualifier (Colorado Springs): 6th
Youth A World Championships (Istanbul, Turkey): 30th individual
2011  Youth A World Championships (Istanbul, Turkey): BRONZE in mixed relay w/ Anna Olesinski
U.S. National Championships (Colorado Springs): 6th in Senior Division
2011  U.S. National Championships (Colorado Springs): SILVER in Junior Division
2011  Domestic Qualifier (Palm Springs, Calif.): 7th

Domestic Qualifier (Colorado Springs, Colo.): 3rd
Winter Open (Palm Springs, Calif.): BRONZE

2009  Pan American Championships (Argentina): 30th
2009  USA National Championships Youth A: SILVER
2009  NORCECA Youth A Championships: 4th
2009  World Youth A Championships (Egypt): 43rd
2009  European Youth B Championships: 14th
2009  Open Youth A French Championships: 12th

2008  USA National Championships Youth A: SILVER
2008  World Youth A Championships (Bulgaria): 44th
2008  Canadian National Championships Youth A: SILVER

2007  USA National Championships Youth C: GOLD
2007  Canadian National Championships Youth C: GOLD

last updated 1/20/12