Name:  Isaac Neivert                                  

Hometown (City, State): Denver, CO

Current Residence (City, State): Denver, CO

Birthdate: March 31, 2000      Birthplace (City, State): Crows Nest, NSW Australia

Height:            5’ 9”                           Weight: 135 lbs

Current Coach: Elaine Cheris

High School Attended with location: Denver Academy, Denver, CO

Year of Graduation: 2018

Sports You Competed in While in High School/ University (include number of years):

Cross Country - 4 yrs.

Track & Field - 4 yrs.

Fencing - 4 yrs.

Horseback Riding - 4 yrs.

Swimming - 4 yrs.


Hobbies: Fun Runs

Favorite Foods: Korean BBQ

Favorite Movie: Patton

Favorite Music: Iron Maiden

Favorite Country Visited for Competition: Czechia





Placed 3rd at the Youth B Pan-American Cup



Placed 6th in youth division in the United States

Competed in Senior World Cup in Pomona, CA as part of Team USA

Competed in Junior World Cup in Székesfehérvár, Hungary as part of Team USA

Competed in Youth World Cup in Prague, Czech Republic as part of Team USA