Name:    Cheryl Hughes        

Hometown (City, State): Mt. Airy, MD

Current Residence (City, State):  Colorado Springs, CO

Birthdate: Aug 27, 1987    Birthplace (City, State): Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Height: 5’8”                Weight: 135 lb

Current Coach: Rochelle Persson, Tracey Powers

High School Attended with location:    Glenelg High School, Glenelg MD

Year of Graduation: 2005

Sports You Competed in While in High School/ University (include number of years):

Soccer, Softball, Equestrian

College Attended: University of Maryland    Year of Graduation: 2009

Major: B.S in Psychology

College Attended: University of Colorado Colorado Springs Year of Graduation: 2018

Major: MA in Counseling and Human Services

Hobbies: Anything outdoors; hiking with my dog, skiing, trail running, yoga, riding my horse, hanging out with friends and family

Something Unique Others May Not Know About You: I have been in the US Army since 2005; served as an Active Duty Service Member for 11 years, and am currently a Military Intelligence Captain, Company Commander in the US Army Reserves.

Favorite Foods: Avocados, crab, and sushi

Favorite Athlete: Kara Goucher, Marilyn Little, Mia Hamm

Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman

Favorite Music: Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Classical

Favorite Country Visited for Competition: N/A


2018 World Cup Qualifier #2 - 5th place finisher

2018 World Cup Qualifier #3 - 8th place finisher

2017 Nationals - 8th place finisher

2017 Colorado Regional Trial - 6th place finisher