Name: Brendan Anderson                                       

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Current Residence: Boulder, CO
Weight: 155 Lbs
Current Coaches: 

    Running: Kathy Butler (RunBoulderAC)
    Swimming: Amy Webb, Eney Jones
    Riding: Cindy West, Michael Cintas
    Fencing: Janusz Peciak

Colleges Attended: 
    Boston College (2016-2017)
    University of Colorado Boulder (2017-2020)
    Year of Graduation: 2020
    Major: International Affairs, Minor: Business
Something Unique Others May Not Know About You: 
    Intern for Congressman Polis at Boulder District Office
    Hiking, skiing, piano
Favorite Country Visited for Competition: France
Other Information you would like to include in your athlete bio:
    2016-2017 NCAA Division 1 Boston College Fencing Team Starter
    Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, University of Colorado Boulder Chapter Member
    Volunteers at local homeless shelters and through pen pal writing campaigns.    
Please list your hometown media outlets (newspapers, TV stations, Radio stations, Magazines, etc.):
    Newspapers: Boulder Daily Camera, Colorado Daily, Boulder Weekly, CBS Denver, Boulder Channel 8
    Colorado Springs Gazette, KOAA, KRDO
MAJOR PENTATHLON COMPETITION RESULTS (year, tournament, finishes): 
2019 PanAmerican Games Team
2019 PanAmerican Games Silver Medal Men's Relay
2019 World Cup Team
2019 Senior National Championships- 3rd Place
2018 Senior World Championships- 14th Place (Mexico City, Mexico)
2018 Pan American Championships- 12th Place (Lima, Peru)

2017 Junior World Championships: 20th Place
2017 Senior National Championships: 2nd Place
2017 Junior National Championships: 1st Place
2017 ACC and Northeast Regional Fencing Championships Team (Boston College)

2016 Senior National Championships: 2nd Place
2016 Junior National Championships: 1st Place
2016 World Cup Team Member
2016 Budapest Indoor International (Senior): 26th place

2015 Junior World Championships: 27th Place
2015 World Cup Team Member
2015 Senior Nationals: 4th place
2015 Junior Nationals: 2nd Place
2014 Youth Olympic Games-:10th place Individual, Mixed Relay- 11th
2014 Youth A World Championships: 8th Place
2014 Senior World Championship Team
2014 World Cup Final: 32nd place
2014 PanAmerican Championships-:12th place Individual, Men's Relay- 3rd
2014 Senior National Championships: 3rd Place
2014 Junior National Championships: 1st Place
2014 Youth A US National Championships: 1st Place

2013 Youth A World Championships Individual: 17th place

2013 Youth A World Championships Mixed Relay: 8th place

2013 Junior World Championships Individual: 47th place

2013 Youth A National Championship Mixed Relay: 1st place

2013 Youth A National Championship: 1st place

2013 Senior National Championships Mixed Relay: 3rd place

2013 Senior National Championships: 5th place

2013 Junior National Championships: 2nd place

2013 Colorado Springs Regional: 1st place Youth A, 2nd place Juniors

2013 World Cup #1 (Palm Springs, California): Semi-Final, 21st place

2013 Senior World Cup Team Member

2012 US World Cup #1 (Charlotte, North Carolina): Semi-Final, 31st place

2012 Junior World Championships (Drzonków, Poland):

        -Men’s Semi-Final, 18th place

        -Men’s Team Event, 12th place

        -Men’s Relay, 14th place

2012 Youth A National Championships (Colorado Springs): 2nd place

2012 Junior National Championships (Colorado Springs): 1st place

2012 Senior National Championships (Colorado Springs): 2nd place

2012 Colorado Springs Regional: 1st place Youth A and Junior

2011 December Domestic Qualifier (Colorado Springs):

2011 US World Cup #1 (Rancho Mirage, California): Semi-Final, 26th place

2011 Youth A National Championships (Colorado Springs): 2nd place

2011 Junior National Championship (Colorado Springs): 3rd place

2011 Senior National Championships (Colorado Springs): 8th place

2010 Youth A National Championships: 1st place

2013 USA Fencing NAC Louisville, KY: 59th place Junior Division

2011/2012/2013 CHSAA Boys State Swimming Finalist

High School Attended: Cheyenne Mountain High School, Colorado Springs, Colorado                                               
Year of Graduation: 2014

Sports You Competed in While in High School:

Varsity Swimming: 3 years

Varsity Cross Country: 1 year

Varsity IEA: 1 year


Hiking, skiing, piano, movies

Volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House

Family Members Who Have Competed or Are Competing in Amateur or Professional Athletics (include Name, Relation, Sport, Team Name, Years, Top Accomplishments and Country if not USA)

Ryan Anderson: My brother, competed as a Pentathlete from 2007-2010. He was part of the YOG Qualification Competition Team in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2009, and was a member of the 2010 Youth World Championship Team in Upsala, Sweeden.

Was a competitive skier for 4 years with Team Summit at Copper Mountain, Colorado.

First Team USA Fencing All Academic Team, 2013

Favorite Music: Country

Favorite Country Visited for Competition: Ireland

last updated 5/29/18