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News & Notes - Welcome to the Race Officials Page

Here you can register for officials courses, sign up for races, indicate leadership positions desired, and also find information.

Officials Courses for 2021-2022
National Officials Course - Date TBD - Lake Placid, NY
Rules Refresher Official's Course - Date TBD -  Lake Placid, NY (possibly via a webinar)
National Officials Course - Date TBD - Park City, UT
Rules Refresher Course - Date TBD - Park City, UT  (possibly via a webinar)
National Officials Course & Refresher - Date TBD - Negaunee/Marquette, MI

National Official’s Course is $25.00. FIL Judges Course is $25.00. Rules Refresher Course is FREE!

The "online" rules refresher course is active and reflects the rule changes to the IRO 2018.  This is being updated for the 2020 version. Please contact Beverly for the invite email/link to take the course online.   Although the "online" is not as effective as in person, it may help with those people who might be unable to travel.

You must attend or take the "Online" Refresher Course every two years to stay "Active".  This year due to Covid-19, we will be scheduling a webinar to hold the course in person (via web)

2020 is a year for rule changes and edits.   If you did not take a Refresher Course or the National Course last year (2019), you must take the Refresher this year (2021) to hold "Active" status.

For more information or to register for a course, please contact, or download, print, complete and mail or fax the Course Registration form to register.


Races on US Tracks 2021-2022

Lake Placid Track
Empire State Winter Games - Sunday, February 6, 2022
Masters' National Championships - End of March - Date TBD ?

 Park City Track
Ice Engineers Open - January 8, 2022  11:00a - 1:00p
Wasatch Luge Club Founders Cup - January 29, 2022   1:30p - 3:30p
Norton Junior North American Championships (US/CAN) - February 19, 2022  9:00a-11:00a
Youth National Championships (Seeding Race 1) - March 5, 2022   1:00p - 3:00p
Youth National Championships (Seeding Race 2 & CH) - March 6, 2022    1:00p - 3:00p
Junior National Championships (Seeding Race 1) - March 12, 2022   1:30p - 4:00p
Junior National Championships (Seeding Race 2 & CH) - March 13, 2022   1:00p -3:30p

To sign up to work a race, you can contact Please list name of the race, dates you can work, and position you would like to work. If you don't indicate a specific position to work, you will be assigned to whatever position is needed. You may also print out the form and mail or fax to Beverly's attention.

Current Rules & Regulations: FIL 2020 IRO (AT) & Natural Track Rules & Regulations FIL 2018 IRO (NT):    These IRO rule booklets are available at USLA Headquarters.  Let Beverly know if you want me to mail you one.


Race Committee

Sets policies for race administration, review equipment needs, maintain a consistency at the three tracks, compile rules for National Races based on the FIL-IRO that need modifications, set training schedules for official's education, discuss and resolve problems that officials and athletes are experiencing at races, and more. Goal that races are run with quality administration, equipment and officials, with fairness for all athletes the priority.

John Mowry - Chairperson:
Peggy Mousaw - Lake Placid Track Representative:
Pete Gillwald - Park City Track Representative:
Elmer Rinehart - Negaunee Natural Track Representative:
Gigi Jenkins: At Large
Jay Edmunds: At Large
Emily Sweeney - Athlete Representative
Taylor Morris - Athlete Representative
Beverly Detwiler - Staff Liaison:
Ken Yonemura - BOD Liaison: