Dear Karate Officials;

It is a pleasure and honor to salute all of you who have dedicated yourselves to service as a USA Karate Official. We applaud your willingness and endeavors to improve your knowledge of the rules of competition and to devote so much to our karate athletes from across the country.
As you know, our Referee Committee has been working diligently to provide the entire corps of U.S. officials with the most accurate information about the rules of competition and with world-class training in judging and refereeing. Creating the best group of top-notch officials would not be possible without sacrifices on the part of all of our officials. You are the dedicated people who offer your valuable time, and often miss out on family time, contribute their own funds to travel, all to the benefit of improving the state of competitive karate in the United States.

Due to this tremendous effort, the number of officials in the U.S. has reached a record number and we now rank second in the world in the number of Senior Referees officiating at the world level.

The Referee Committee and Officials could not have reached these high professional levels without participating in many tournaments and seminars, which is crucial to maintaining and improving officiating skills. 

With this in mind, we encourage each and all of you to participate in many tournaments in your area and also the two major national events to maintain and improve your skills and knowledge of the rules of competition.

All of the Referee Committee members are available to conduct any level of kata or kumite seminar in your area and would be honored to share their knowledge with you.
Once again, thank you for dedication. We look forward to seeing you in the next event.

The USA-NKF Referee Committee