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National Team Coaches

First Name  

Last Name    Position



Head Coach

 Akira Fukuda Head Kata Coach  


Kohn Para-Karate Head Coach  


Baldis Team Coach  
Barbara Maile Chinen Team Coach    
Brian Mertel Team Coach  



Team Coach
 Javier Mantilla Team Coach  


SafeSport Accredited Coaches 

SafeSport accreditation requires that two step be completed, a NCSI background check, and the online SafeSport training course. Both of these need to be re-completed every two years.

To complete the background check go to and complete the necessary information with registration number 26244495.

To complete the SafeSport training visit Once complete email a copy of your certificate to

The following coaches have completed all SafeSport requirements and are welcome to coach during all signature USANKF events. 

Note: An application is still required per signature event through the event webpage under the "Events" tab above.

**Check back for current list of SafeSport accredited coaches**