"Toe" or "Toe-Toe"
Twitter Name 
Jamaica, Queens NY (Born and Raised!)
Current Hometown *
Jamaica, Queens NY
Height/ Weight 
6'0 /185lbs
Family (only child, brothers/sisters, ect) *
5 Brothers/ 4 Sisters
What age did you start karate?
Age 5
What style of karate do you do? *
Shotokan Karate
What's your favorite food? *
Pizza, or Lasagna.. 
What type of music do you listen to? *
Rap/Hip-Hop, RnB, Alternative, Electronic, etc
What is your favorite music group or artist? *
The 6 God...Drake
Do you listen to music before you go it the ring? If so, what kind? *
Definitely, anything to get me hype. Usually Drake or Future
Do you have any pets? What kind?  *
I have a dog, cat, and a horse
What is your pets name?
Oreo(Dog), Tiger(Cat), Joy(Horse)
Do you have any hidden talents? *
Hidden talents... I'm good at video producing and editing i guess? 
How many hours a week do you workout in preparation for a major tournament?
Somewhere from 6-10. Usually two hours a day Mon-Fri
How many times have you made the Junior US Team and in what events? *
I've made the Under 21 Team now 6 times.
2009 El Salvador Jr Pan Ams
2010 Montreal Canada Jr Pan Ams
2011 Brazil Jr Pan Ams, Malaysia Jr Worlds
2012 Cancun, Mexico Jr Pan Ams
2014 Lima Peru, Jr Pan Ams
2015 Jr Pan Ams Santa Cruz Bolivia 
Who is your favorite superhero?
Super Man or Spider Man
Who is your hero in real life? Why? *
My hero(s) in real life are my parents and my sensei's.
My mom and dad are the best and i am thankful for everything they do.
And my Shihan, Sensei Murphy and Shihan Utsey also i am very thankful too. Very instrumental in my upbringing.
Xbox, collecting hats and sneakers
Favorite Quote *
"Fights begin and end with handshakes" -Cameron Conaway 
Biggest Win. Why? *
Bronze Medal Win at Jr Pan Ams in Brazil. 
What do you love about competition? *
Being able to test my skills against the best either in my State, Country, and in the World.
Favorite way to relax? *
Playing video games
Where do you get your inspiration from? *
Being overlooked...