Name: Tom Scott
Sport: Karate
Discipline(s): Karate
Position: Male Elite Kumite -75kg
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 165
DOB: 1/9/1990
Birthplace: Richardson , Texas
Hometown: Richardson, Texas
High School: Jesuit College Prep Dallas
College: Texas Christian University
Coach(es): Brody Burns
Other Career Highlights
  • 2015 Pan American Games Gold Medalist
  • 2011 Pan American Games Silver Medalist
  • 2015 Ranked 2nd in World for Karate1 Premier League
  • World Karate Federation Ranked 3rd in the World
  • 6 Time North American Champion
  • 4 Time PKF Pan American Karate Champion
  • 3 Time Karate1 Premier League Finalist
  • 7 Time USA Open Champion
Personal: Tom attributes his competitive edge to his faith which frames everything in proper order. Tom works hard to build his relationship with the Heavenly Father and he studies often to further his understanding of what it means to follow Christ. ...Tom's Sensei and coach Brody Burns has known Tom since he was 8 years old. They enjoy going shooting, training, and planning on how to take over the world. ...Tom got his Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Texas at Dallas. He recently dove into the karate business world and works on the marketing side of building a dojo at The Academy of Classical Karate in Plano.

Advice to Younger Athletes: Take notes and study your sport and never waste a tournament. Know what you did well and what you would like to fix coming out of every single event, big or small. Always focus on the aspects that you love and that you want to improve in. If you focus on winning, you will lose. Focus on moving, punching, kicking, and you will find satisfaction.