Name: Stephanie Arrache
DOB: 10/15/1980
Birthplace: Lancaster, Calif.
Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
High School: Marymount High School, Los Angeles
College: University of California, Riverside
Team/Club: Seiden Kai JC
Coach(es): Tamara Canedo
Personal: I began in Tang Soo Do, a Korean style of karate, when I was 7. I started mostly because my dad and brother were going to take classes and I thought it would be fun. I quickly fell in love with the sport. After nearly two decades away from karate, and after becoming paralyzed, I began training with Sensei Tamara Canedo in the Japanese style of Shito-Ryu. I didn't think karate in a wheelchair was possible and Sensei Tamara taught me that karate is for all! ...Three things people may not know about me is that I carried the Olympic torch when I was 10. I write romance novels under a pen name. I am a criminal defense attorney.