Name: 1. Skylar Lingl
Sport: Karate
Position: Female Elite Kumite -68kg
Classification: Shotokan
Birthplace: Schaumburg, Ill.
Hometown: Carpentersville, Ill.
Other Career Highlights
  • 3x Junior National Team Member
Personal: I have a sister named Cirrus who is also on the Junior National Team!...I love to eat ribs. ...My favorite artist is Bruno Mars....I have gotten a lot of inspiration from my older sister Cirrus competing on the Junior National Team at such a young age and realizing that was what I wanted to do as well. ...My biggest win was this past March in Panama when I won a silver medal at my first Senior Pan American Championships because it helped me realize how talented I am in a sport at such a young age and it has only made me want to work harder....My dad is one of my hero's because he has been able to enjoy karate my sister and I have been able to enjoy it. Seeing him work hard to become a better referee and better athlete in karate at his age has been a sight to see and I am so proud of him....“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.” -Andrew Murphy