Name: Sakura Kokumai
Position: Female Elite Kata
Sport: Karate
DOB: 10/2/1992
Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii
Hometown: Stevenson Ranch, Calif.
College: Waseda University (Masters Degree)
Coach(es): Nghia Pham
Other Career Highlights
  • Member of USA Karate National Team since 2007
  • 7x USA National Champion (Senior)
  • Pan American Olympic Festival Gold Medalist
  • 4x Junior Pan American Champion
  • 4x USA National Champion (Junior)
  • Karate1 Premier League Salzburg Silver Medalist (2020)
  • Karate1 Premier League Dubai Silver Medalist (2020)
  • Senior Pan American Silver Medalist (2019)
  • 6x Senior Pan American Champion (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2013, 2012)
  • Karate1 Series A Bronze Medalist (2017)
  • Karate1 Premier League Rotterdam Bronze Medalist (2016)
  • Karate1 Premier League Paris Bronze Medalist (2016)
  • World Combat Games Silver Medalist (2013)
  • World Bronze Medalist (2012)
  • Junior and Cadet World Championships Silver Medalist (2009)
Personal: I started karate at the age of 7 in Honolulu, Hawaii. I made the Junior National team when I was 14 and been representing the country ever since. When I was younger I just loved being around people in the dojo, and loved traveling to international events with my teammates. As I got older I started to set bigger goals for myself as an athlete and fell in love with the sport all over again. Now I am excited to say that I am training to become the first Karate Olympic Medalist. This is our first time making a debut to the Olympic games. I am very honored and excited to have this opportunity. Three fun facts about me... I LOVE watching figure skating, I try my best to keep up with the sport, I know how to sail and my go-to pre-competition food is rice. :)
Advice to younger athletes:  Never never NEVER give up. There will be times where you just want to give up, but hard work always pays off. Just stay focused, surround yourself with good people and the result will naturally come to you.