Name: RJ Domingo
Sport: Karate
Position: 16-17 Male Elite Kumite -61kg
Classification: Shotokan
Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii
Hometown: Mililani, Hawaii
Personal: I have made the Junior US team 2 times. Both in the 16-17 -61kg male elite kumite division....My favorite superhero is the Black Panther....My biggest win was at the 2017 US National Championships in Greeneville, South Carolina. Although I lost in the finals and got 2nd place, this was my biggest win because it validated my efforts in making the US Junior National team....When I compete, there are many things that make it so easy to come back and fight once again. For one, the adrenaline rush that you get is second to none, and well I love to win. This is what keeps me coming back....My hero in real life is my dad. His selflessness and care is something that I want to reciprocate to anyone and everyone. The sacrifices that he makes for myself and my family is amazing and it is definitely something I hope I can do for my future family as well. Thank you Dad for everything and for shapping me into the young man I am today...."One step at a time. One punch at a time. One round at a time." - Rocky Balboa