Name: Luisa Villafranca
Sport: Karate
Position: 14-15 Female Kumite -54kg
Classification: Shorei-goju
Birthplace: Carrollton, Texas
Hometown: Little Elm, Texas
Personal: This is my second time making the Junior Team. I made the Junior Team as an alternate when I was 13 for 12-13 female +45 kgs. Both times have been for Kumite....My heroes in real life are my parents. They both work extremely hard to support my siblings and I in anything that we do, whether it be in athletics or in school. They show me that you always have to work your hardest to be able to reach your goal in anything that you do....A hidden talent of mine is that I can play the cello!...I love the adrenaline that I get when I'm about to get in the ring. My heart starts pumping, and my palms get sweaty. It's just an awesome feeling because they always tell me if you're nervous, that means you are prepared. No matter what competition, big or small, I always get this feeling and it's my favorite part of competing....Besides Karate, I spend a lot of time training and playing basketball...."Today I'll do what others wont, so tomorrow I can do what others can't"