Name: Luis Bravo
Position: 14-15 Male Elite Kumite -70kg
Sport: Karate
Classification: Wado-Ryu
Birthplace: Greenville, S.C.
Hometown: Simpsonville, S.C.
Personal: I have been doing karate ever since I was 7 and this will be the first time I have made the Junior National Team!...I have two cats named Muno and Kiba....Besides karate, I like to play soccer and basketball as well as draw in my free time....My mom is my real life hero because she motivates me, pushes me to do my best, and has made everything I do today possible....2018 Nationals at Reno was my biggest win because it was my first time being in the elite division and I medaled silver, and also because it is my first year on the junior team....My sensei, my family, and my friends are my inspirations...."...Be like water my friend"