Name: Kevin Stevens
Position: 16-17 Male Elite Kata
Sport: Karate
Classification: Shito Ryu
Birthplace: Bellevue, Wash.
Hometown: Stevenson Ranch, Calif.
Team/Club: Rising Sun Karate - West Coast
Coach(es): Randy Wood
World Championship Experience
  • 2017 Jr. PKF Buenos Aires, Argentina -- Kata Bronze
  • 2016 Jr. PKF Guayaquil, Ecuador -- Kata Gold
  • 2015 Jr. Worlds Jakarta, Indonesia -- Kata Quarterfinals
  • 2015 Jr. PKF Santa Cruz, Bolivia -- Kata Gold
  • 2014 Jr. PKF Lima, Peru -- Kumite Gold
Other Career Highlights
  • 6x Junior National Team Member
  • 2018 Nationals in Reno, NV for 16-17 Male Elite Kata: Gold
Personal: I started karate when I was 5 years old....My favorite music to listen to is Pop, Rap, and Rock and Drake is my favorite artist....Something you might not know about me is that I can play the piano and cello....My biggest win was my Gold in Kumite at the Jr. PKF in Peru. People consider me to be Kata focused and didn't seem to think I had what it took for Kumite. My approach that year was to use a lot of blitzing and leg strikes. My opponents seemed to be taken off balance and I worked well for me. Winning a Gold medal in Kumite was special because it was my first year on the team and I don't think anyone expected me to be able to win. Winning the Gold in Peru as an underdog taught me my worth as an athlete. It showed me that working hard made a difference....Karate is my journey and the competition component allows me to see friends and meet new people that share my love for the sport....Anyone who chooses the path of Karate is a hero to me. ...I get my inspiration from my friends and family.