Name: Kamran Madani
Position: Male Elite Kumite -84kg
Sport: Karate
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 182lbs
DOB: 9/9/1996
Birthplace: Boulder, Colo.
Hometown: Broomfield, Colo.
High School: Broomfield High School
College: University of Colorado
Team/Club: International Martial Arts Association
Coach(es): Hanshi and Sensei Madani
World Championship Experience
  • Junior World Championships Bronze Medalist (2011)
  • 2011: Junior WKF- Bronze
Other Career Highlights
  • 7x Junior US Team Member
  • Competed in 2 North American Cups
  • 15 Total National Championships
  • Senior Bronze Medal US Open
  • Gold Medal- University World Championships 2018
  • Gold Medal- North American Cup 2018
  • Pan American Championships Bronze Medalist (2017)
  • Junior Pan American Championships Bronze Medalist (2014)
  • 2013: Junior PKF- Silver
  • 2010: Junior PKF- Bronze
Personal: I started karate officially when I was 6, but I was basically born into the dojo. My mom was training while she was pregnant with me and I have always loved to be in the dojo! ...Three things you may not know about me are that I like cars and racing a lot, I am Iranian, and unlike many people, I really enjoy public speaking!