Name: John Klatt
Position: Para Karate Visually Impaired
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 145
DOB: 6/24/1975
Hometown: Madison
College: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Team/Club: Paik’s Traditional Martial Arts Center
Coach(es): Shihan Peter Paik and Sensei Jeff Kohn
Other Career Highlights
  • Training and competing with the USANKF Para Team in 2019
  • Training and competing with my step-son
  • Participating in the WI State Championships Family Kata division with my 4-year old daughter
  • Third place in 2019 Pan Am Championships (para kata division)
  • First place in 2019 National Championships (para kata)
  • Second place in 2018 National Championships (para kata)
  • Second place in 2018 National Championships (Korean kata)
Personal: Three things you may not know about me: My wife introduced me to endurance sports and I have competed in many marathons and triathlons. • Despite my vision loss, I actively participate in kumite training and, on occasion, kumite competition. • I collaborate with colleagues around the world to conduct and publish academic research on human potentials....I started practicing karate as an adult. At first, karate was an activity to try while marathon and triathlon training. Then it became an activity I could share with my step-son who had been training and competing for several years. As I started to meet other karatekas and competing, I became hooked. I wanted to learn more, train more, and test my skills through competition.