Name: Joelle Inciong
Position: 14-15 Kata, 14-15 Kumite -47kg, 16-17 Kumite -48kg
Sport: Karate
Classification: Goju Ryu and Shito Ryu
Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Other Career Highlights
  • 4x Junior US Team Member for Kata and Kumite
Personal: I started karate when I was 5 years old....This is my 4th time making the Junior US Team!...My mom is my hero in real life because she works extremely hard as a teacher and my mom. She is kind, resilient, and the best mother in the whole world....My biggest win was at the 2016 Pan Ams. I competed in 12-13 kata and I won gold. I felt really happy to have won a medal for my country, and I know my family was also really proud of me....When it comes to competing, I love everything! I love the rush I feel when competing, using what I've practiced at the dojo, seeing friends, and cheering on my teammates....My senseis inspire me because not only are they great at karate, they're also great people. My senseis teach us that it's important to be a strong athlete, a good student in school, and a kind respectful person...."Worry less, smile more"