Name: Eva Alexander
Position: Female Elite Kumite -50kg
Sport: Karate
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 49kg
DOB: 9/26/1999
Birthplace: Nashville, Tenn.
Hometown: Denton, Texas
High School: The Mary Louis Academy
College: University of North Texas
Team/Club: Academy of Classical Karate
Coach(es): Brody Burns
Other Career Highlights
  • 5x Junior US Team Member
  • Senior National Team Member
  • 7th place at Series A ~ Montréal
  • Pan American Championship: Bronze
  • North American Cup: Gold
  • 2016 Nationals: Gold in 2 Elite Kumite Divisions
  • 1x USANKF Silver Medalist
  • 2x USANKF Bronze Medalist
Personal: I started karate at 11 because my mom wanted an activity we could do together. I fell in love with it and am grateful for the opportunities to better myself and the people around me....3.4 GPA while training and working part time...Instructor at the Academy of Classical Karate...Three things people may not know about me is that I lived in Queens, NY for most of my life, I’m working towards a degree in kinesiology, and I like to draw.