Name: Elisa Au
Position: Female Elite Kumite -61kg
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 132lbs
DOB: 5/29/1981
Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii
Hometown: Chicago, Ill.
High School: Punahou
College: University of Hawaii
Team/Club: Team23
Coach(es): Driss El Mannani and Brian Mertel
Other Career Highlights
  • 2002 WKF World Champion
  • 2004 2 x WKF World Champion (first person to double gold individually at a World Championship)
  • 2008 WKF Silver medalist
  • 2010 WKF Bronze medalist (first USA Women's team kumite medal)
  • 2005 World Games Silver medalist
  • 2010 World Combat Games Silver medalist
  • 8 x PKF medalist
  • 2017 WKF Series A Bronze medalist
  • 9 x USA Open Gold medalist
  • 18 x USA Karate National Champion
Personal: I started karate at the age of 5 at a YMCA class across the street from my house growing up....I have a civil engineering degree at University of Hawaii at Manoa....James Sullivan award nominee 2005... Business owner for 14 years...Three things people may not know about me is I am a mom of two amazing kids, I played piano for 12 years, and I love to cook and bake