Name: Brian Hilliard
Position: Male Elite Kumite -67 kg
Sport: Karate
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145
DOB: 7/29/1982
Birthplace: Houston, Texas
Hometown: Sacramento, Calif.
High School: Notre Dame High School
College: Sacramento City College
Coach(es): John Limcaco
Other Career Highlights
  • 8x USA National Team Member
  • 3x Gold, 4x Silver, 2x Bronze Medalist - USA National Championships
  • 1x Gold, 3x Silver, 2x Bronze Medalist - USA Open
  • 3x Bronze Medalist - North American Cup
Personal: I started karate with Fumio Demura and the Genbu Kai Karate-Do organization when I was 7 years old.