Name: Aziah Santizo
Sport: Karate
Position: 12-13 Female Elite Kumite -47kg
Classification: Shotokan
Birthplace: New York City, N.Y.
Hometown: Inwood, N.Y.
Other Career Highlights
  • Member of the 2018 Junior National Team
Personal: This will be my second time being a member of the Junior National Team!...My favorite type of music is hip hop and my favorite artist is Billie Ellish. I listen to her music before I compete....A hidden talent of mine is that I can rap really fast....My hero in real life is my Mom, because she's made many sacrifices for my karate and she continues to do so and I'm extremely grateful for that....My biggest win was at the 2014 USA Nationals. It was also my first nationals where I had my first big win. It meant a lot to me because it showed that my parents sacrifices in me payed off....What I love about competition is the thrill. I love being on stage and to hear people cheer for me. It remind me to focus and do my best so I don't disappoint my family and friends...."Hard work beats talent, if talent doesn't work hard."