Name: Ariel Torres
Position: Male Elite Kata
Sport: Karate
Classification: Goju-Ryu
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 80KG
DOB: 11/6/1997
Birthplace: Cuba
Hometown: Hialeah, Fla.
High School: West Hialeah
College: Miami Dade
Team/Club: Goju Ryu Miami Kenseikan
Coach(es): Robert Young
Other Career Highlights
  • 4x USA Karate SeniorTeam Member
  • 2x USA Karate National Champion
  • Jr. National Champion 2014-2018
  • Senior Pan American Champion (2019)
  • Pan American Games Silver Medalist (2019)
  • Pan American Bronze Medalists (2018)
  • Jr. Pan American Silver Medalist (2015)
  • Jr. Pan American Silver Medalist (2013)
Personal: started karate at the age of 6. So 16 years total now. The doctor said I was hyper active and suggested they put me into a sport that would tire me and at the same time teach me decision. He said karate would be a great idea. So my mom took me to the nearest dojo to my house. (15 min walk)...I have a karate Vlog on YouTube @arielkarate1. I play the trumpet. I love ping pong and watch Anime