Name: Ariel Torres
Sport: Karate
Position: 18-20 Male Elite Kata
Classification: Goju-Ryu
Height: 5'8"
Birthplace: Cuba
Hometown: Hialeah, Fla.
Olympic Experience
  • 2x Senior National Team Member
Other Career Highlights
  • 7x Junior US Team Member
  • 2018 Nationals in Reno: Gold
  • 2013 Pan American Semi Finals: Gold
Personal: I started competing in karate when I was only 5 years old and I have made the Junior National Team 7 times since then!...My favorite meal is white rice and black beans so anything Cuban....A hidden talent of mine is that I can play ping pong really well....I have multiple hero’s in real life. Two of which are my mother and father. They sacrificed their entire life in order for me to do what I love. They truly went above and beyond to support me. My sister is a huge hero of mine. The amount of hours she put into her degrees and the accomplishments she’s achieved by working hard. She dedicated her life to studying hard in order to do what she love. She inspired me to do just the same in both school and karate. My first ever Sensei, Luis A. Malabares he picked me up from school for 3 years and taught me everything. One day he told me there’s nothing else that he could give me. So, he sent me to my next hero. Sensei Robert P. Young. He’s inspired me since the first day I stepped into the dojo. He’s helped me with all sorts of situations. He’s taught me how to comport myself in and outside the dojo....What I love about competition is that everyone shares one thing. They all want to be the best. We all hve one dream and it’s to be the best. And hat fuels each one of us to improve. It makes us reset every time....My inspiration will forever come from both my mother and father. Came from Cuba at a young age. My dad worked 3 jobs, my mom is blind by one eye and dispite this disability she did everything possible to work in order for me to follow my dreams. We even picked up money in the streets in order for me to travel...."Poverty is often not an obstacle to achieve your dreams; I came from a poor family, that gave everything so that I could one day achieve mine!"
Advice to Younger Athletes: Never give up! When you feel like you are from from obtaining your goal, just keep going and eventually your time will come. Hard work and perseverance always come out on top!