Name: Ana Perales
Sport: Karate
Position: 16-17 Female Elite Kumite -53kg
Classification: Shito-Ryu
Birthplace: Dallas, Texas
Hometown: Ennis, Texas
Personal: I started karate when I was 4 and this will be the second time I am on the Junior National Team!...The types of music I listen to are Pop, EDM, R&B and Reggaeton....Besides karate, I like to play softball....My biggest win was the final match in Nationals 2019 because it gave me the pass to the Junior World Championships....My real life heroes are my mom and dad because they've done many things for me and my family....I love competition because I get to make myself and the people I love proud. Also I get to see old friends and make new ones...."When your arms and legs get tired, work with your heart"