Board of Directors 

Rahul Bawa (Cincinnati, Ohio) – Interim Chair and Independent Director (term ends 12/31/2022)
John DiPasquale (Palatine, Illinois) - President and ASO Director (term ends 12/31/2020)
Sasha Gerritson (Glenview, Illinois) - At-Large Director (term ends 12/31/2022)
Tokey Hill (Long Island, New York) - Coach Director (term ends 12/31/2020)
Roger Jarrett (St. Albans, West Virginia) - Affiliate Director (term ends 12/31/2020)
Doug Jepperson (Park City, Utah) - At-Large Director (term ends 12/31/2020)
Brian Mertel (Palatine, Illinois) - Athlete Director (term ends 12/31/2022)
Matthew Ralph (Dallas, Texas) - Independent Director (term ends 12/31/2022)
Brian Ramrup (Richmond Hills, New York) - USOPC AAC Rep (term ends 12/31/2020)

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Biographies

Rahul Bawa (Cincinnati, OH) – Interim Chair and Independent Director (term ends 12/31/2022)

Rahul Bawa is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of PowerIT Solutions, a Cincinnati-based consulting organization that provides strategic business growth and technology consulting.


Mr. Bawa has over 30 years of Executive Management experience in a variety of leadership positions.  His leadership experience spans multiple industries including technology (CEO of eMerge Health Solutions, Technical Lead at IBM); financial services (Chief Information Officer at Axcess Financial, Vice President of eBusiness at Fifth Third Bank), venture capital (Chief Operating Officer at Blue Chip Venture Company, Director of Digital and Software Investments at CincyTech), airlines (Manager at United Airlines) and consulting (CEO of PowerIT Solutions, Vice President at Xpedior).


In addition to his role as Independent Director at USA Karate, Mr. Bawa also serves on a variety of other non-profit Boards including being a member of the Board of The Circuit, the Information Technology association of Greater Cincinnati and member of the Technology Committee of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation.  Previously, Mr. Bawa was Chairman of Pipeline H2O (water-technology accelerator) and Chairman of The Hamilton Mill (clean-tech and advanced manufacturing incubator).


Mr. Bawa is also a mentor to various startup companies across the United States.

John DiPasquale (Palatine, Illinois) – President and ASO Director (term ends 12/31/2020)

John DiPasquale is a 47 year martial artist and father of four who founded one of the largest karate organizations in the United States. He has been a member of the NGB for more than thirty three years and was a former national team athlete. He continues to be an active coach and train national champions and U.S. team members.

Sasha Gerritson (Glenview, IL) – At-Large Director (term ends 12/31/2022)

Sasha Gerritson is professor at Northeastern Illinois University, where she directs the opera and music theatre program, as well as managing the recruitment and scholarship programs. An expert in nonprofit management, Ms. Gerritson specializes in long-term strategic planning, board development and individual and foundation giving and fundraising. For USA Karate, Ms. Gerritson has served as the chair of the Ethics committee, assistant for para-karate program and as a member of the fundraising committee. She has participated in karate as an athlete, in addition being the business manager of the North Shore Dojo. Ms. Gerritson also serves as the executive director of the Karate Can Do! Foundation, a group dedicated to making karate accessible to athletes with disabilities.

Tokey Hill (Long Island, New York) – Coach Director (term ends 12/31/2020)

Tokey Hill has been actively involved in Karate for over 38 years as a world champion athlete (1980), a sensei (since 1983), a personal coach to National Team Members (since 1988), a national coach (1992-1997), Head Coach (1998-2002), appointed to PKF Technical Committee (2009), and Chairman FISU Technical Committee (2007). Mr. Hill looks forward to drawing from these experiences to develop a standardized certification program that services grassroots to elite, thus creating a mechanism utilizing our diverse and already accomplished National Coaching Staff.

Roger Jarrett (St. Albans, West Virginia) – Affiliate Director (term ends 12/31/2020)

Roger Jarrett is a professional martial arts instructor with over 50 years experience in a variety of martial arts. He became involved with the Karate NGB in the late 1970’s and has been an athlete, coach, and international official.  Within the USA-NKF, he has served as Secretary General from 1998-2006, and President from 2006-2007. He also serves as President of the North American Karate Federation, a continental federation recognized by the PKF.  As Chief Instructor of both the USA Martial Arts Federation, an affiliate member of the USA-NKF, and the United International Martial Arts Federation, he oversees martial arts schools throughout the United States and Canada.  He, along with his wife Linda, is a lifelong resident of West Virginia, where he is a member of the Board of Deacons at Highlawn Baptist Church. 

Doug Jepperson (Park City, Utah) – At-Large Director (term ends 12/31/2020)

Doug Jepperson has been very active in the rebuilding of USA Karate, recruiting members from across the United States and being an avid supporter of the Signature events. In addition, he has been an active member of the Technical Committee and Masters Caucus. He is also a USA-NKF Referee and USA-NKF certified coach. As a Cum Laude graduate with a BA and MA from the University of Utah, he became the youngest General Manager in the history of US Home. After his construction career, Mr. Jepperson started a business consulting firm working with companies across the US. Mr. Jepperson began training in 1966 and has consistently trained, competed, officiated and taught karate ever since. He is the Founder of the Wado Conference, is on the WIKF-USA Board of Directors and  WIKF-USA Technical Committee. Mr Jepperson has published several articles and books on coaching and training including work for the US Ski and Snowboard Association on Multi Sport Approach to Teaching Kids.  Currently, his Park City Karate School has students from 4 years to 68 years old. 

Brian Mertel (Palatine, IL) – Athlete Director (term ends 12/31/2022)

Brian Mertel has won 10 (9 consecutive) gold medals in the Men’s Sr. Kumite division at the U.S. Nationals and was a long-time member of both the Junior and Senior National Team as an athlete and a coach. Mr. Mertel was a gold medal winner at the 2005 Shotokan World Championships; placed 5th at the 2008 WKF World Championships in Japan; and won a gold medal at the 2009 Pan American Championships. Mr. Mertel has also served as the Athlete Representative to the United States Olympic Committee from 2013-2016 and is currently the alternate representative. Sensei Mertel is a San Dan (3rd Degree Black Belt) and has been training since 1986. He began teaching in 1996, becoming a full-time instructor in 2002. Mr. Mertel brings a great perspective to the board as an Athlete, Coach and Sensei.

Matthew Ralph (Dallas, Texas) – Independent Director (term ends 12/31/2022)

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Brian Ramrup (Richmond Hills, NY) - USOPC AAC Rep (term ends 12/31/2020)

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