IJF World Veterans Championships

Malaga, Spain

Sept. 25 - 27, 2014

The information packet for the IJF World Veterans Championships to be held in Malaga, Spain on September 25-27 are out. For those interested, please find the corresponding link below. We are working with USA Judo on getting USA attire for those attending so we can look like a team. 

On a different note and as most of you may have heard; Judo has been included in the upcoming 2015 National Senior Games. The games are scheduled for July 2015 in Minneapolis MN. It is for athletes ages 50 and over. We are working on making it a point event for those eligible. More info can be found at: http://www.nsga.com/2015-national-senior-games.aspx

For questions please contact Brad Daniels at jaycosurveyor@netscape.net

There are 1400 registered athletes from 46 different countries for this prestigious event.


Name Age Division Weight
Lincoln Hahn M1 -73kg
Charles Wall M4 -73kg
Bradley Daniels M5 -73kg
Joseph Ragan M5 -81kg
Edgardo Rodriguez-Quilichini M5 -100kg
Chris VanLandingham M5 +100kg
Mat Popham M6 -100kg
Douglas Tono M6 -66kg
David Loyst M6 -81kg
Sandy North M7 -66kg
Nikolai Styrov M7 -73kg
Gary Foster M7 -81kg
Arthur Lilian Canario M7 -100kg
James Kinder  M8 -90kg
Frank Imundi  M8 -90kg
John Foster M8 -100kg
Steve Hwang  M9 -73kg
Larry Gaines  M9 +100kg
Jack Krystek M10 -73kg