USA Judo Coach Education and Certification Committee

Pat Burris, Director                                                                
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Coaches who will be coaching from the coaches' chair at USA Judo events are required to have a 2011 USA Judo Coach ID Card. If you need to order one, please contact Mr. Burris at USA Judo Coach ID Card 

USA JUDO Coach Certification and Education Announcement from Director Pat Burris

Earning the designation of Professional Judo Coach is a rewarding experience. During the process of becoming certified, you will gain knowledge and experience which will be valuable to you and to your athletes. USA Judo Coach Certifications signify exceptional competence and credibility and identify you as a professional instructor. You are a part of a distinguished group of coaches certified by the United States Olympic Committees NGB, USA Judo.

We have taken steps to make maintaining your certification easier; you are no longer required to attend a clinic each year to keep your certification active. As a Professional Coach, you have a responsibility to continuously improve your knowledge and experience through annual continuing education as is the standard in other professions. We encourage you to challenge yourself to excel to higher levels of certification.

The leadership of USA Judo has taken steps to move this organization into a more professional mode in line with the directive of the United States Olympic Committee. While change is often difficult, the Coaches Certification and Education Program has accepted the challenge given to us by our leaders and by the USOC and we will move this program forward into a more professional position.

With this in mind, the following changes were made in 2007 to the USA Judo Coach Certification Program:

  1. All Coach Certifications are renewable on an annual basis.
  2. There are 6 Levels of Coach Certifications;
    • Club Coach (Club Coaches will receive a State Level Certificate)
    • State Level (formerly E Level)
    • Regional Level (formerly D Level)