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The AJDM Resources Page aggregates information and links from a number of individuals, organizations and other sources with the intent of improving and growing the sport of Judo in the United States. Information provided on this website does not necessarily constitute an endorsement by the AJDM, USA Judo, the US Judo Association nor the US Judo Federation. Should their be links that are no longer working and/or information that should be removed from the site, please contact the AJDM Website administrator at Thank you.

General AJDM Overview

The AJDM represents an opportunity to:
  • Promote the maxims of Judo: strive for perfection as a human being, maximize efficiency of motion and energy, and focus on mutual welfare and benefit.

  • Introduce Judo as a foundational development sport and/or as a cross training activity.

  • Grow judo by making it more accessible, appealing and participant friendly, regardless of age.

  • Contribute to increasing Americans’ physical fitness, mental/emotional resilience and building life skills such as respect, courage, leadership and working with others.

  • Align better with research-based, age-appropriate development recommendations.

  • Support and reinforce a longer-term view of participation, a “Judo for life” philosophy, which in turn can drive recruitment and retention.

  • Collaborate with the American Judo Alliance organizations and local dojos to provide a consistent, positive experience from youth to adult, from beginner to advanced.

  • Clarify expectations and satisfy the question “why Judo?” with a well-articulated, data-supported, and holistic pathway to learn, grow and achieve one’s personal best.

  • Elevate the proficiency and effectiveness of the American Judo Alliance infrastructure and core stakeholders: participants, dojo owners, coaches, tournament directors, referees, parents, volunteers, and paid staff.

  • Exemplify a deep commitment to excellence in mind, body and spirit.

  • In addition to long-term athlete development the AJDM’s reach extends to coaching development, referee development and club/dojo owner development, all for the benefit to grow and improve American Judo.

For Athletes

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For Coaches

Coaching Kids

70% of kids will quit sports by age 13 - FREE Course! How to Coach Kids (From the USOPC, Nike, and The Aspen Institute)



The Effects of Tournament Preparation on Antrhopometric & Sport-Specific Performance

1.  Measures in Youth Judo Athletes

Learning Styles



For Parents

AJDM Overview for Parents

Read the Overview

Changing the Game Project


Judo for Children and Adolescents: Benefits of Combat Sports

1.  Article


For Dojo Owners

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For Referees

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Additional AJDM & Long-Term Athlete Development Resources

Case Study – Implementation Of ADM Principles In Club Sport Environment


Advanced AJDM National & International Research Compilation