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The AJDM idea was launched by the American Judo Alliance Presidents when they launched their historic agreement in March 2018. Shortly thereafter the Presidents of USA Judo, US Judo Association and US Judo Federation selected two representatives from each organization to create the AJDM Task Force who met with the USOPC in Colorado Springs in June 2018 to being creating the first-ever formal long-term athlete development model (LTADM) for American Judo. While new to the sport of judo, the creation of an LTADM has been proven successful by more than a dozen different sports.

After its initial three-day meeting, the AJDM task force has been meeting monthly to refine the initial concepts and documents which are now ready to be shared and further developed by additional American Judo experts in their fields of expertise to include coaching, dojo management and referees. If you would like to contribute ideas, feedback, suggestions or additional resources to this historic initiative to serve American judo for generations to come, please contact USA Judo CEO, Keith Bryant at