USA Judo

Disciplinary Actions

USA Judo Disciplinary Actions

The following is a list of individuals whose current or past memberships have been suspended by USA Judo or who have been deemed ineligible for USA Judo membership. These members or former members of USA Judo have lost all privileges, benefits and services such as Rank, Coaching Credentials, Club (Dojo) and Refereeing Certifications, as well as admittance to any sanctioned USA Judo events, such as camps, tournaments, meetings, clinics, USA Judo recognized clubs and seminars.

For a list of individuals suspended individuals across all sports, visit the U.S. Center for SafeSport Disciplinary Actions website. USA Judo also adheres to Disciplinary Actions by Reciprocity with the United States Judo Association and the United States Judo Federation

Name City State  Action  Date Additional
Ruben Martin Jr. Burleson TX



Pending outcome of investigation(s) by law
enforcement and U.S. Center for SafeSport

Harry Kendall Davis CA  Temporary
2/9/2023 Only permitted to coach and/or train
athlete(s) while under the direct supervision
of other, physically-present SafeSport-trained
adult participants(s), as defined by the Code. 
Brandon Pacheco Lakewood CO Temporary
Rex Everett Lanham III  Emmett ID Banned 8/16/2022  
Orelvis Beltran Sr. Pembroke Pines FL Temporary
8/12/2022 Ineligible for membership and
banned from all USA Judo
sanctioned events and activities
through Dec. 31, 2023.
Everet Desilets   RI Suspension 12/30/2021 5-year suspension
beginning Aug. 9, 2021
June Encarnacion Kirkland WA Banned 12/6/2021  
Micah Brooks Hope RI Banned 2/23/2021  
Shawn Brown Venice FL Banned 11/1/2017  
Ryan Rebman Santa Cruz CA Banned 2009  
Paul Hinkley Germantown TN Banned 2008  
Daniel Doyle Wesley Chapel FL Banned 2007  
Anthony Esposito   IL / WI Banned    

United States Judo Association Expelled and Suspended List

Name City State Action  Date
Victor Vartic   CA Banned 2018
Luke Reese   IN Banned 2018
Raymond Williams Houston TX Banned 12/1/2017
Peter Gaughenbaugh Anthony FL Banned 9/16/2016
John Watson III Ontario CA Banned 6/11/2010
Fletcher Thornton Napa CA Banned 9/9/2008
William Glen Landolt Rogers AR Banned 2008
Everett (Buddy) Bower   MA Banned 12/6/2006
Alvin Miyatake Kailua-Kona HI Banned 11/22/2006
Harold Whittle Phoenix AZ Banned 9/18/2006
Jackie Stern   FL Banned 2006
Daniel Woltez (aka
Wolzasz Daniel Taze,
Daniel Wooly, Daniel
Jeffery Howard,
Ryan Jeffery Howett,
Daniel Victor Pons,
Daniel N. Taze, Nicholas
Taze, Daniel Andrew Wooley)
  CA, HI, NV,
other states
Banned 4/20/2005
Donald Wrobel South Bend IN Banned 9/30/1997
Charles J. Baird Shoemakersville PA Banned  
Francisco Edwardo Casuso
(aka Francisco Edwardo
Causo Perez)
Forest City AZ Banned  
Dr. Carl De Cree Tacoma WA Banned  
Jose Franco Orting WA Banned  
Robert Gelb   CT Banned  
Mickey Jeff Hughes   TX Banned  
David Leonard   CA Banned  
Howard Lewis   FL Banned  
Benjamin Mills   CA Banned  
Michael Overman   NC Banned  
Gregory Rice Whitcomb
WA Banned  
Jeffery Santella   FL Banned  
Adler Volmer Coral
FL Banned  
Travis Wilson Jr.   SC Banned  
Scott Evans Venice FL Temporary
Scott Vancises Sun Gulf
FL Temporary
Dion Rizzuto Pensacola FL Temporary
Donald J. Tyrell Knoxville TN Temporary

United States Judo Federation Expelled and Suspended List

Name City State   Action  Date
Phong (Ryan) Dang Norwalk CA Permanently prohibited
from teaching/coaching
minor females.
Alvin Miyatake Kailua-Kona HI Banned 11/22/2006
Carl DeCree   WA Banned  
Peter Mitchell
  FL Banned  
Bret Holmes   UT Permanently prohibited
from teaching/coaching
Jon Koomoa   HI Banned  
Raymond Williams   TX Banned