USA Judo

USA Judo Committees

Click the links below to view committee members. Please Note: Athlete representatives will be added to this list when selected by the Athlete Advisory Council. Additional names may be added to the lists below as those selected for committees complete the necessary compliance requirements. 

Joe Ragan
Nicole Stout
Jim Webb
Rebekah Taylor (Chair)
Nadine Encarnacion (Athlete Rep)
Nate Keeve (Athlete Rep)
Jeff LeForce

Pat Burris (Chair)
Ari Miller (Vice Chair)
Leilani Akiyama
Manmohan Chima
Alaa El Idrissi (Athlete Rep)
Liane Harada 
Robert Harvey
Eric Sanchez
Marc Vink 
Alyssa Zawack (Athlete Rep)

Larry Canada (Chair)
Ben Burton
Jerry Cypert
Robert Donaldson

Robert Harvey
Mark Hill
Grace Jividen-Truesdale (10+ Year Athlete Rep)
Arash Soofiani (Athlete Rep)
Rebekah Taylor
Kedge Zawack (Athlete Rep)

Ed Liddie (Senior Chair)
Gerry Navarro (Junior Chair)
Aaron Cohen
Jim Hrbek 
Marti Malloy (Athlete Rep)
Ari Miller 
Danny Rodriguez
Marc Vink

Diane Jackson (Chair)
Eiko Shepherd (Vice-Chair)
Lisa Capriotti (Secretary / Athlete Rep)
Carla Martin 
Claudia Smith
Theo Schwalm
Barbara Houston-Shimizu
Kuniko Takeuchi 

Dr. Christina Yannetsos (Chair / Athlete Rep)
Dr. Anthony Catanese
Dr. Jeff Fujimoto (Athlete Rep)
Lorne MacDonald
Nicole Stout (Athlete Rep)
Chantal Wright (Athlete Rep)

Richie Endow (Chair)
Henry Hummel
Roy Englert
Donald Newman

Pat Burris (Chair)
Jim Webb (Secretary)
Bert Becerra
Adam Blackburn (10+ Athlete Rep)
Colton Brown (Athlete Rep)
Devin Cohen 
Vickie Daniels
Ronald Hansen
Lynn Roethke
Katie Sell (Athlete Rep)
Leo White

Dr. Gary Berliner (Co-Chair International Referee Relations)
Russ Scherer (Co-Chair Domestic Referee Relations)
Steve Cohen
Hector Estevez 
Bill Gugino
Barbara Houston-Shimizu 
Torie Oishi (Athlete Rep)
Katie Sell (Athlete Rep)
David Smith

Robert Donaldson (Chair)
Steve Cohen (Coach Rep)
Ian Gerrard 
Ramon Hernandez, Jr. (Athlete Rep)
Danny Rodriguez
Mackenzie Williams (Athlete Rep)
Alyssa Zawack (Athlete Rep)

Veterans Committee

Brad Daniels (Chair)
Tracy Crawford
Doug Tono (Athlete Rep)
Amber Jones (Athlete Rep)
Joe Ragan
Ed Rodriguez
Shandra Stevenson