Peszek is the oldest daughter of Ed, Regional Vice President, and Luan, publications director at USA Gymnastics. She has one younger sister, Jessica, who is a Level 9 gymnast. Peszek is a high honor roll student and was a member of the TOPs National Team. Samantha's parents were athletes at the University of Illinois -- mom was a gymnast and dad was a wrestler and hockey player. Peszek was named the 2007 TOPs Athlete of the Year.

Personal Information
Hometown: McCordsville, IN
Began Gymnastics In: 1993
How did you get involved?: My mom enrolled me in gymnastics when I was young.
Favorite Gymnastics Thing: My favorite thing about gymnastics is traveling to all the different competitions and competing with athletes from other countries.
Favorite Event: Floor
Goals: I want to make the Olympic Team. I want to go to college and do gymnastics.
School: Cathedral High School
Grade: 10th (Fall '07)
Favorite School Subject: English

Interests Outside the Gym
Favorite Music/Book: I like all kinds of music.
Favorite TV Show: MTV
Favorite Food: fruit
Hobbies: shopping, boating, hanging out with friends, going to the movies, drawing
Other Sports Involvement: I played soccer when I was younger and ran track.
Charity: I help out with Jireh Sports, a sports ministry for at-risk youth

National Competition Results
2007 Visa Championships, San Jose, Calif.: 7th-AA; 9th-BB; 10th-UB, FX
2006 Visa Championships, St. Paul, Minn.: 2nd-VT; 3rd-AA, UB; 5th-FX; 7th-BB(T) (Jr. Div)
2006 U.S. Classic, Kansas City, Kan.: 1st-FX; 1st-VT; 2nd-AA; 2nd-BB; 4th-UB (Jr. Div)
2005 Visa Championships, Indianapolis, Ind.: 1st-VT; 2nd-FX; 7th-AA (Jr. Div)
2005 U.S. Classic, Virginia Beach, Va.: 2nd-VT; 3rd-FX; 8th-AA; 9th-BB (Jr. Div)
2004 Visa Championships, Nashville, Tenn.: 3rd-VT; 8th-AA; 9th-FX; 10th-UB (Jr. Div)
2004 Women's Junior Olympic Level 10 National Championships, Kissimmee, Fla.: 2nd-AA, VT, UB, BB; 7th-FX
2004 U.S. Classic, Rochester, N.Y.: 7th-VT; 10th-FX; 11th-AA (Jr. Div)

International Competition Results
2008 Olympic Games, Beijing, China: 2nd- Team
2008 Tyson American Cup, New York, N.Y.: 3rd-AA
2008 Italy-Spain-Poland-USA competition, Jesolo, Italy: 1st-Team; 3rd-AA
2007 World Championships, Stuttgart, Germany: 1st-Team
2007 Pan American Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 1st-Team
2007 Tyson American Cup, Jacksonville, Fla.:
2007 USA vs Great Britain International Competition, Lisburn, Ireland: 1st-FX; 1st-Team; 1st-VT; 2nd-BB; 3rd-AA
2006 Junior Pan American Championships, Gatineau, Que., Canada: 1st-Team, FX; 2nd-VT; 4th-AA (Jr. Div)
2006 International Gymnix, Montreal, Que., Canada: 1st-AA, VT, BB; 3rd-UB
2005 Mexican International Invitational, Cancun, Mexico: 1st-Team, AA, VT, FX
2004 USA/Canada, Houston, Texas: 1st-Team