Joseph is coached by Vitaly Marinitch and Alex Shchennokov at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is the son of Mike and Kathy Hagerty and has three sisters -- Shelley, Dawn, and Alena.

Personal Information
Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
Began Gymnastics In: 1989
How did you get involved?: My three older sisters were in gymnastics, so I just followed suit.
Favorite Gymnastics Thing: The thing I love about gymnastics the most is how challenging it is.
Favorite Event: High bar
Goals: My goal at this point is to make a world team. My long term goal is to make the Olympic team.
Grade: I am no longer in school.
Favorite School Subject: Math

Interests Outside the Gym
Favorite Music/Book: I like all music
Favorite TV Show: 24
Favorite Food: Mexican food
Hobbies: Watching movies
Other Sports Involvement: I like to play all other sports

National Competition Results
2008 Olympic Games, Beijing, China: 3rd- Team
2008 Winter Cup Challenge, Las Vegas, Nev.: 1st-HB; 5th-AA
2007 Visa Championships, San Jose, Calif.: 3rd-PB
2007 Winter Cup Challenge, Las Vegas, Nev.: 1st-HB, 5th-V
2006 Visa Championships, St. Paul, Minn.: 5th-FX
2005 Visa Championships, Indianapolis, Ind.: 2nd-PB; 4th-AA
2005 Winter Cup Challenge, Las Vegas, Nev.:
2004 Visa Championships, Nashville, Tenn.:
2004 Winter Cup, Las Vegas, Nev.:

International Competition Results
2008 USA vs Canada, Calgary, Albera, Canada: 1st-Team, HB; 3rd-FX; 4th-VT, PB
2007 Pan American Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 3rd-Team
2007 USA vs. UKR vs. RUS, Kiev, Ukraine: 3rd-Team
2007 Internationaux de France - World Cup, Paris, France:
2005 Pan American Championships, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 1st-Team; 3rd-HB; 5th-PB