Q&A with Jessica Korda

March 06, 2014, 3:33 p.m. (ET)

Jessica Korda

Jessica Korda, a member of the U.S. team at the Solheim Cup in 2013, represented the LPGA at the recent event to announce adidas as the apparel supplier for USA Golf at the 2016 Olympic Games. Check out her answers at the press conference.

Q: Where would an Olympic gold medal rank in your life?

JESSICA KORDA: "I think winning a gold medal would mean not only so much for myself but it would mean a lot for the country.  When you wear red, white and blue ... you play for your country pride and your teammates as well. Winning a gold medal would mean everything to me personally, but it would mean more to everybody else, as well."

Q: If you're on that team, can you kind of visualize the atmosphere of what it would be like?  Have you thought about that at all?

JESSICA KORDA: "I can only compare it to what Solheim Cup felt and watching Ryder Cup on TV.  I think it's almost like an out-of-body experience that you have on the first tee because there's so many people, they are all chanting either your name or USA, and it will definitely be something to look forward to."

Q. If you make the Olympic team, what other sports would you be interested in watching when you're there? As the daughter of two retired professional tennis players, you're not allowed to say tennis.

JESSICA KORDA: "I'm a huge fan of gymnastics, so I would definitely be there all the time.  You know, tennis, obviously, even though I'm not allowed to say it. There's just so many sports; it's so tough to choose. Like Winter and Summer Olympics are two of my favorite things to watch on TV. Growing up as a kid, that's all I would watch when it was on. For us to potentially be there in 2016 is going to be surreal."

Q: Would you feel that competing for Gold in Rio would feel like the sixth major that year for you, and would winning gold be the prize you'd want above all the others that year?

JESSICA KORDA: "It's so hard to envision yourself, what it would feel like to win an Olympic gold medal if you've never been there. But you always want to win, wherever you play, and winning an Olympic medal, winning a major, winning any tournament, it's just an amazing feeling."