USA Field Hockey

Explore the sections below to see why thousands of athletes across the U.S. and millions all over the world are picking up a stick!

Click here to download the Basics of Field Hockey Handout , a great resource tool for coaches and beginners!


Your Generosity Fuels our Greatness

Whether it's making a difference in the life of an aspiring U.S. National Team athlete or helping to promote the game of field hockey in youth communities around the country, your donation today has a direct impact on the hockey players of tomorrow. Donations of any size help us to continue our mission of growing the game and sharing the sport we all love.


Elevate Your Game While Going for Gold

USA Field Hockey events are the perfect way to grow your knowledge of the game against tough competition. With multiple tournaments scattered through the country in exciting destinations both serving the indoor and outdoor, you'll want to keep up with this list of upcoming dates.

Find A Club

Jump into the Game

Interested in playing hockey but are unsure of how to reach clubs in your local area? With our powerful search feature, we'll provide you with contact information based on state to share opportunities to play in your area.  

Futures Program

Begin Your Olympic Journey Today

The Futures Program is dedicated to developing the top athletes in each region, identifying the most talented athletes in the nation, and cultivating the Olympic athletes of tomorrow. Since its establishment in 1990, the Futures Program has been the start of many athletes Olympic journey. Today, approximately 5,000 top high school athletes who aspire to play at an elite level participate in the Futures Program.