Official Title Sponsor of FUNdamental Field Hockey

FUNdamental Field Hockey is a youth development initiative designed to expose field hockey to thousands of children nationwide by providing free field hockey equipment and emphasizing fun physical activity! 

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Let's Grow the Game Together!

Are you passionate about field hockey and want to start a program in your area? Or have you heard about field hockey and want to bring it to your school or community? USA Field Hockey is committed to growing the game across the country, among boys and girls, and for kids of all ages! Field hockey is a sport for life, and th FUNdamental Field Hockey (FFH) Program is our youth development initiative targeted to kids aged 5-15. Through FFH, USA Field Hockey provides FREE equipment and an easy-to-follow curriculum guide so kids across the county, regardless of their zip code, have an opportunity to play.

Field hockey is fun, and studies have shown that sport sampling is important for kids' learning and development. Together, we can grow the game and expose kids in your community to one of the most widely played and popular sports in the world.

Since 2012, USA Field Hockey has partnered with Harrow Sports to provide more than 1,000 sets of equipment to schools, clubs and other multi-sport organizations across the country. In 2016, Citi joined the fun and became the title sponsor, enabling USA Field Hockey to provide more grants each year. See the map above to see where FUNdamental Field Hockey is growing the game. 

Each FUNdamental Field Hockey Kit Contains:

  • Field hockey sticks, sized to fit your program’s age group
  • Balls
  • Cones
  • Curriculum Guide
  • Carrying Bag

A typical grant contains 24 sticks and balls, but some applicants require more or less to run a successful program. Complete the application to tell us how we can best serve your needs and grow the game together.

* We also offer a limited number of soft stick packages specifically designed for elementary school physical education programs. The sticks are plastic, rather than wood, and are best used on an indoor hard surface such as a gym floor or multi-purpose room.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Anyone can apply! You do not need to have field hockey experience in order to run a successful FUNdamental Field Hockey program. Past grant recipients include physical education teachers, parents, coaches and players. Many use this grant to expand an existing program or strengthen a feeder program.Other use FFH to do community service projects that introduce field hockey to kids who haven’t had the opportunity to play it in their community. Organizational applicants include YMCAs and park districts, field hockey clubs and passionate individuals who just want to share their likeness for the game by starting a grade school or middle school league. Whoever you are, we encourage you to apply and appreciate your interest!

While you do not need to be a USA Field Hockey Member to apply for a FUNdamental Field Hockey Grant, we are confident you will want to join! A Coach Membership provides you with a background check that USA Field Hockey and many organization require for adults working with children. A membership includes many additional resources that will help your program be successful, including discounts on coach education. A membership also supports the FUNdamental Field Hockey Grant program and the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National and Olympic Teams, and ensures a healthy future for our sport.

Our ideal FUNdamental Field Hockey applicants are committed to introducing the game of field hockey to as many young athletes as possible in a way that is positive, safe and encouraging. USA Field Hockey believes that every child can benefit by being exposed to field hockey and by being physically active!

If you receive the grant, the equipment will be yours to keep, so you can continue to offer your program year after year. We prefer applicants with plans to use the equipment frequently and in at least two seasons out of the year. We encourage recipients to guide their interested young athletes to local club teams and schools where they can continue to play. USA Field Hockey can provide grant recipients with information about other FFH programs in your area, as well as a list of nearby schools and clubs offering field hockey. Programs have been know to collaborate to share equipment and play against each other in informal local leagues or tournaments.

To see FUNdamental Field Hockey in action, here’s a link to a some pictures and videos program that took place in Hawaii - Aloha Hockey 

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As part of USA Field Hockey's initiative to show growth progress in the sport of field hockey, every Friday a FUNdamental Field Hockey or youth program image is featured in a #FUNFriday post. These are images are posted to Facebook and Twitter with a motivational quote along with a highlight of which program or club team provided the image. Click here to see past postings.

FUNdamental Field Hockey Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for a FUNdamental Field Hockey Grant, brought to you by USA Field Hockey and sponsors Citi and Harrow Sports. Application are reviewed on a monthly basis throughout the year. Please feel free to email USA Field Hockey at if you have any questions about the grant process or need additional information.

Thank you to OUR SPONSORS Citi - Official Title Sponsor of FUNdamental Field Hockey and Harrow Sports - Official Equipment Supplier.

Harrow Sports will provide grant recipients with a 20 percent discount off field hockey items for participating in FUNdamental Field Hockey.