Yes, all 2021 Nexus participants plus those that were invited to 2021 Nexus will receive an invite. Previous years participants will need to log into their USA FH account, click the Nexus link on the right and complete the registration. You will need to have a USA FH membership current through July 30, 2022.

Athletes new to Nexus program will register interest by clicking here.
Yes. Once you have accepted your invitation into the Nexus program, more information will be available in your USA Field Hockey Membership Account. 
Yes, the Nexus program will include goalkeeper specific training.
The fee for the 2022 Nexus program is $520.00, which includes 20 to 24 hours of in-person training over three weekends and online content. Additional fees will apply if advanced to the Selection Weekend.

Nexus Region specific information can be found by clicking here.

Step-by-step instructions can be found by clicking here.

A USA Field Hockey Membership is not required to complete an athlete recommendation into Nexus.

At the conclusion of the three training weekends athletes will participate in the Selection Camp Weekend. The Selection Camp Weekend is the pathway to the Nexus Championship.

The U-19 designation on Nexus athletes' membership is strictly a USA Field Hockey Membership category (as is youth, adult, coach and umpire). This does not affect an athlete's age-group classification in Nexus. Athletes are automatically assigned to the correct age group for the Nexus program, but for USA Field Hockey Membership purposes, all are classified as U-19 Members.

An athlete's age on December 31 of that given year determines what age group the athlete will be in for the following year. For example, if the athlete is 15 years old on December 31 and turns 16 on January 1 he/she remain in the U-16 division. Again, the age of the athlete on December 31 determines their age grouping for the following year.

To apply for a payment plan, please click here.

To apply for financial aid, please click here.

Absences do not have to be made up but athletes will only be evaluated on the sessions that they attend.

View the Training Session Make-Up Policy (PDF).

View the Selection Camp Make-Up Policy (PDF).