In partnership with Integro Insurance, USA Field Hockey offers a variety of insurance programs for athletes, clubs, coaches, and officials. Learn more about these exclusive member benefits below or by visiting the official Integro website.*Please note you will be leaving the USA Field Hockey website to access some of the insurance services offered below by Integro.


General Liability Insurance 

The USA Field Hockey Commercial General Liability policy provides coverage at no additional cost as a benefit of the club membership. This coverage protects against liability claims brought by third parties alleging bodily injury, property damage, personal or advertising injury arising out of premises, operations, products, and completed operations of the club in connection with Covered Activities. Ex: a shot breaks a window in the facility your club practices in. 

Who is covered?

General Liability insurance covers USA Field Hockey and all currently registered member athletes/players, national teams, futures regions, member clubs*, directors, officers, umpires/officials, coaches, athletic trainers, event owners, event organizers, and volunteers, but only while acting in their capacity as such with respect to events or other activities that are sanctioned or approved by USA Field Hockey.

*Please note that in order to get insurance coverage all members of member clubs must also be members of USA Field Hockey. 

What activities are covered?

Sanctioned events and approved activities include: 

1. Field hockey games, tournaments, practices, camps, clinics, and related or incidental activities that are organized, sponsored, sanctioned or approved by USA Field Hockey. Ex: Festival, Futures, Beach Bash, etc. 

2. For USA Field Hockey member umpires/officials, coverage is extended to their officiating at any amateur field hockey competition at any level (including NCAA, high school or other) whether or not such competition has been sanctioned by USA Field Hockey, or while serving as an assignor for any field hockey related activities.

3. For USA Field Hockey member clubs*, coverage is extended for club sponsored or supervised activities such as club or team meetings, banquets and usual, non-hazardous fundraisers such as bake sales, car washes, and other similar events.

*Please note that in order to get insurance coverage all members of member clubs must also be members of USA Field Hockey. 

Click Here to view a summary of USA Field Hockey General Liability policy coverages. 

Participant Accident Insurance 

The USA Field Hockey Participant Accident insurance program provides Excess Accident Medical and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) benefits to members who are injured while participating in USA Field Hockey sanctioned events. 

Coverage does not include loss from pre-existing conditions or from competing in non-sanctioned events. If an accidental bodily injury results in an Insured Person requiring medical care and treatment within 90 days of the accident, the policy will pay the reasonable and customary medical charges of medically necessary medical services up to the benefit amount.

Medical expenses must be incurred within 2 years of the date of accident. The accident medical coverage is secondary to any other available medical/health insurance and is subject to a $500 deductible per claim.

Who is covered?

The following individuals are eligible for coverage under the USA Field Hockey Participant accident program:

All Currently Registered Members, Coaches and Trainers while participating in USA Field Hockey sanctioned events. Members serving as Volunteers during a USA Field Hockey sanctioned event are also covered.

*Please note in order for a member club to have coverage 100% of the members and their opponents must be also USA Field Hockey members. 

What activities are covered?

The policy provides coverage for accidental bodily injury or accidental death & dismemberment resulting directly from members participating in a USA Field Hockey sanctioned event.  

Covered activities include:

1. Scheduled games, practices, camps, clinics and related activities sanctioned and/or approved by USA Field Hockey. Ex: Festival, Futures, Beach Bash, etc. 

2. Group travel as a team or club directly to or from scheduled practices, games or sanctioned or approved activities.

3. Other supervised activities, such as club or team meetings, banquets, and usual, non-hazardous fundraisers.

As an Umpire member you get additional participant accident coverage. Click Here to check out the extra benefits!

Click Here to view a summary of USA Field Hockey Participant Accident program. 

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance (Not For Profit) 

Directors and Officers Liability insurance is offered for purchase on a voluntary basis to all member clubs*. This important coverage is not the same as General Liability. D&O insurance protects club directors & officers from personal liability associated with their wrongful acts, errors, and omissions in the performance of duties for the Club. Typical D&O claims often allege mismanagement of funds and negligent decisions affecting club members, participants, coaches, officials, and others. The policy also provides Employment Practices Liability (EPL) coverage for claims alleging harassment, discrimination, or wrongful termination.

*Please note in order to be insured all members of the member club must also be members of USA Field Hockey. This includes all coaches.

Who is covered?

Member clubs and associations of USA Field Hockey enrolled in this program. 

Note: All participants in this program must be member clubs in good standing.


The annual cost is $550 for a $1,000,000 limit and $850 for a $2,000,000 limit. The program rates include a $25 fee for program administration and payment processing.

Click Here to view a summary of USA Field Hockey Directors & Officers Liability policy coverages. 

To purchase coverage, please create an account and then proceed with the online application process. 


Certificates of insurance are available for member clubs* from USA Field Hockey upon request. A certificate may be used if a third party, such as a field owner, school, or sponsor requests proof of general liability coverage, or requires being added to the policy as an "additional insured".

*Please note that all members of the member club must also be members of USA Field Hockey.

Please Click Here to access the request form.

Certificates are typically returned within five (5) business days. Certificate Request forms should be submitted to: Sarah Hulsman and Caitie Tornes


It is important to promptly collect relevant information whenever someone is injured or property is damaged during a covered activity. Doing so is valuable in defending liability claims that may result from the incident, and is also very useful when preparing claim forms resulting from an injury to a participant, spectator, coach, umpire, or volunteer. 

Please click here to access the Incident Report form (with instructions). 

The form should be completed by a Club Official, Coach, or Event Director at the time of an accident, injury or other incident occurring during a covered activity. The completed form is faxed or emailed to USA Field Hockey. See the form for contact information. If necessary, an accident medical claim form will be provided to the injured participant with instructions for submission to USA Field Hockey's Participant Accident Insurance provider. 

If you have any questions related to the USA Field Hockey insurance programs, please feel free to contact Entertainment & Sports Insurance eXperts (Integro) for further details or CLICK HERE to access our insurance FAQ page. 

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