If you are an athlete that aspires to be a part of USA Field Hockey’s Futures Program you must participate in a Futures Individual Trial. Athletes must go through an individual trial with their high school, middle school or club team coach to be considered for the 2019 Futures Program. Only athletes who are new to the Futures Program must register for an individual trial. Athletes who participated in the 2018 Futures Program last year do not need to register for a trial. If you participated in the 2018 Futures Program and withdrew from the program due to medical reasons, and produced medical documentation, you do not need to participate in an individual trial. If you participated in a previous year in Futures but did not participate in the 2018 Futures Program, you must perform an Individual Trial to be eligible for the 2019 Futures Program.

Why should you try out for the 2019 Futures Program?

  • Athletes that participated in the 2018 Futures Program said they received GREAT value for participating in the program.
  • It’s an excellent opportunity to elevate your field hockey skills and meet great coaches and athletes.
  • College coaches for all levels (Division I, Division II & Division III) recommend the Futures Program as a great opportunity for athletes to develop their skills.
  • If you have a desire to play field hockey in college it’s a great way to get in front of college coaches. More than 150 college coaches from ALL levels attended events from the 2018 Futures Program!
  • Athletes participate in seven training sessions and a regional tournament for ONE FEE!

To be considered for the program athletes must follow the instructions below:


  1. Reach out to your high school, middle school or club team coach to arrange a time for them to walk you through the individual trial.
  2. Before you purchase your individual trial select here to review what region you are located in.
  3. Click here to register for a 2019 Futures Individual Trial.
  4. Once you are registered you will receive an email confirmation that you are registered for an individual trial. Please print this email out and give it to the coach that is performing the trail. The email confirmation will include your USA Field Hockey Membership ID, Name and Date of Birth.
  5. Download the Futures Field Player and Goalkeeper Test Document (PDF) instructions and print a copy for your coach.  
  6. Conduct your trial with your coach.
  7. Ask your coach to submit your trial results by following the instruction below in the coaches section.
  8. If you are accepted into the Futures Program, you will receive an invitation email no later than Friday, November 30, 2018.


Only USA Field Hockey Partner Camps can recommend an athlete for the Futures Program. Click here to view a list of the 2018 Partner Camps. If an athlete participates in a Partner Camp and is selected to be recommend into the Futures Program. The athlete will receive an invitation email no later than Friday, November 30, 2018. (The invitation email will be sent to the email given during Partner Camp registration).


Coaches, please follow these instructions below to properly run a Futures Individual Trial and submit athletes results:

  1. Inform your athletes that you are running a Futures Trial. Please send them the location, date and time of the individual trial.
  2. Download the Futures Field Player and Goalkeeper Test Document (PDF) and perform the individual trial as specified on the document.
    1. Before you perform the trial, collect the athletes' individual trial confirmation email. This email will include the athletes’ name, birthdate, USA Field Hockey Membership ID and a section for you to write each athlete trial times. Each athlete must perform the individual trial twice.
  3. Perform the individual trial with your athletes.
  4. Once the individual trial is complete, take the athletes' confirmation email with their trial times recorded and follow the directions below to enter the athlete's information.
    1. Select here to login to your USA Field Hockey account.
      1. Enter your Username and Password
      2. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter the athletes' individual trial times.
        1. If you have not entered trial times before please email futures@usafieldhockey.com with the following information. USA Field Hockey will then give you access to enter trial times.
                      - Name, Address, Birthdate and Email address
        2. You will then be notified when you have access to enter individual trial times. Once you have been notified please follows the steps above.

*If you need more detailed instructions on submitting individual trial times, please click here.

The deadline to register for a Futures Individual Trial this Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Important Reminder: Registering for an Futures Individual Trial does not guarantee that you will be invited to the 2019 Futures Program.

Are you hosting a Futures Individual Trial? If so, we have created a template flyer for you. All you will need to do is update the yellow highlighted portions of the below flyer and distribute it to your athletes. Thank you for hosting a Futures Individual Trial!


Futures Individual Trial Hosting Flyer Template (.doc)


Invites Futures participants will be received no later than Friday, November 30, 2018.