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Norcal Impact

NorCal Impact started as a small club in 2008, organized by passionate parents and former players in Saratoga, CA. The club morphed into NorCal Impact under Coach Leaf's direction and alumni of Saratoga parents. These days, NorCal Impact trains players from around the area including San Jose, Los Gatos, Cupertino, Gilroy, and Saratoga. Currently, practices take place at Lynbrook HS (indoor) and Willow Glen HS(outdoors). Our philosophy continues to be to grow the game, support equitable play, and balance quality coaching with fun to challenge players for the club season. Our coach to player ratio aims to be 1:15. We have been fortunate to find coaches that are not only knowledgeable of the game, but funny, passionate, and still fit to participate and challenge players in the skills drills.

Quicksilver Cats

Los Gatos Field Hockey has established itself as one of the premier field hockey programs in the country! Every player has opportunity to hone her skills and knowledge of the game, well beyond that of the average high school athlete.



The concept of RUSH® is to provide game play opportunities in field hockey. RUSH® offers high quality training opportunities, develops individual confidence and builds skill development in a fun yet competitive environment. We provide a variety of programs for all levels including leagues, tournaments, skill clinics and specialized training. Our goal is to improve the level of play for local high school teams, Futures participants and college programs. Ultimately it is our objective to build a resource of opportunities for ALL persons in California looking to participate in field hockey.

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Sacramento Black Sticks

After decades of being the only field hockey team in the Sacramento area, Bella Vista Field Hockey coach Andi Wright is trying to build field hockey in our area. With the help of local parents, Bella Vista assistant coaches and alumni we hope to spread our love of this great sport. Practices are held at Bella Vista High School and Del Campo High School in Fair Oaks, Calif.


San Diego Field Hockey Association

Our goal is to encourage players to discover field hockey – see what a great game it is and how much fun is can be to play in a social, supportive, and competitive atmosphere.

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San Jose Fly Field Hockey Club

San Jose Fly is a field hockey club dedicated to developing youth and high school girls’ field hockey skills. We welcome players of every skill level. Since its inception in 2001, the club has grown from 20 athletes into the largest club in Northern California with approximately 190 players.

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Santa Monica FHC

SMFHC was developed to spread the love of field hockey to young and old in the LA area. Join us whether you are new to the sport or an ex national player.


Silicon Valley Field Hockey


South County Royals Field Hockey Club

South County Royals Field Hockey aims to train players to play teams and participate in tournaments in southern California. We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization, and upon startup, we will be registered with USA Field Hockey. Numbers permitting, we will also start U-18 and adult teams. As a startup team, we also welcome anyone interested in sponsorship opportunities.

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Stryker Field Hockey Club

Stryker Field Hockey Club is committed to developing field hockey skills at every level. Athletes will learn specific skills, strategies and teamwork. Our particular goal is to create a field hockey community with a genuine love of the sport and a mutual respect for all players. The club's coaches come from various backgrounds, years of playing and coaching experience. Skills will be developed through practice sessions starting in February and running through the end of May. There are several tournaments hosted by local colleges and high schools throughout the season.



USA Lions Field Hockey Academy

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Valley Center Stix

WC Riptide

WC Riptide is a youth field hockey club based in Los Angeles, California. We’re on a mission to grow the sport of field hockey on the west coast, create world-class players and people, and help turn hockey into a lifelong passion for our members.