The National Goalkeeping Coaches Forum is open to coaches who have a Level 1 Certification or higher.

This professional development opportunity is designed for goalkeeping coaches that have a basic understanding of the position. The focus will be on coaching development of goalkeepers of all levels and how to effectively integrate them into your team training. Program content will be delivered through a combination of practical on-field demonstrations and classroom-based workshops and will include:

  • The introduction of USA Field Hockey’s “Goalkeeper Development Framework”
  • Coaching the technical aspects of goalkeeping
  • Effective practice design for developing goalkeepers
  • Integrating goalkeepers into team practice

"The third edition of the annual National Goalkeeping Coaches Forum will drive conversation around goalkeepers and their development forward with the introduction of the new Goalkeeper Development Framework," said Phil Edwards, USA Field Hockey's Senior Manager of Junior High Performance. “The Framework guides the why, how and what that is delivered in the Junior High-Performance environment and includes the purposeful integration of goalkeepers into team practice. As such, the 2019 National Coaches Forum will prove insightful for all coaches whether you consider yourself a goalkeeping specialist or the thought of being left to work with the goalkeepers fills you with dread!”

The National Coaches Forum traditionally is a multiple-day event which includes an opportunity to watch a narrated U.S. Women's National Team practice, on-field technical work and classroom discussions facilitated by USA Field Hockey's Coach Education Team and the National Team Coaches and staff.

The National Coaches Forum is open to coaches who have a Level 2 certification or higher and those interested in networking and learning from the U.S. Women's National Team coaches and training staff. Attendees will have the opportunity to watch a live, narrated USWNT practice and be a part of classroom discussions facilitated by USA Field Hockey's Coach Education and Learning Team. A coach's social will also be held on Saturday night for additional fun and networking.

"We are looking forward to hosting the National Goalkeeping and National Coaches Forum at Spooky Nook Sports again this year,” said Craig Parnham, USA Field Hockey's Director of Coach Education and Learning. "Both Forums are a great opportunity for coaches to collaborate, discuss, share ideas and network. The National Coaches Forum will again provide opportunities to observe on-field practical sessions as well as classroom-based discussions and presentations, including the introduction of a facilitated panel discussion.”

USA Field Hockey is pleased to announce the first-ever Women in Coaching Workshop will be held at Spooky Nook Sports in Lancaster, Pa. on Sunday, December 15 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. ET, as part of the 2019 National Coaches Forum. The workshop will be led by keynote presenter Sarah Kelleher and supported by USA Field Hockey’s Director of Coach Education and Learning, Craig Parnham, and Senior Manager of Coach Education, Liz Tchou. Additionally, a question and answer discussion will include a panel of prominent coaches to discuss various issues that women coaches face on a daily basis.

This workshop is available free of charge to all women coaches that are attending the National Coaches Forum. The cost is $45 for USA Field Hockey Members that are not registered for the National Coaches Forum and $65 for non-USA Field Hockey Members. Those who are only registered for the National Goalkeeping Coaches Forum are not eligible for the free access and will need to pay either the member or non-/member price to attend.


National Goalkeeping Coaches Forum Only: $125.00
National Coaches Forum Only: $235.00
Special Pricing for the National Goalkeeping Coaches Forum and National Coaches Forum: $325.00

For more information, check out the National Goalkeeping Coaches Forum event page by clicking here and National Coaches Forum event page by clicking here.

Email coaching@usafieldhockey.com if you have any questions.

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