Hometown: Agoura Hills, Calif.
Current Residence: Baltimore, Md.
Born: 1993
Joined National Team: 2009
Position: Midfield
Number: 26 


For Dhadwal, his passion for field hockey wasn’t born on the pitch but on the bleachers watching his father play in the Moorpark League in California. After absorbing the game from a bird’s eye view and having his father talk about the perks of his personal career in the sport, Dhadwal gravitated to the playing surface at the age of 8. Using his father as inspiration, Dhadwal joined the National Team in 2009. He has since helped Team USA advance to World League Round 2 and earn a bronze medal in the Australian Youth Olympic Festival.


  • 2015: World League Round 2 (7th, Chula Vista, Calif.), European Tour (Den Hague, The Netherlands & Antwerp, Belgium), Series against Argentina (Boston, Mass.), Pan American Games (5th, Toronto, Canada)
  • 2014: Summer series against Chile, Mexico and Argentina (Chula Vista, Calif.)
  • 2013: World League Round 2 (5th, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Australian Youth Olympic Festival (3rd, Sydney, Australia)
  • 2012: World League Round 1 (1st, Chula Vista, Calif.)
  • 2011: Pan American Games (5th, Guadalajara, Mexico), Champions Challenge II (7th, Lille, France)


High School: Viewpoint School 
College: John Hopkins University
Major: Cognitive Science
Names of parents/guardians: Jang and Gurvinder Dhadwal
Names of sibling(s): Azizull
Year you began playing field hockey: 2000
Game day mantra: Give it your all.
Favorite sports quote: "When the going gets tough, the tough get going."
Best words of advice: Get better everyday and enjoy the journey.