About NIT

Every year in the month of February, the sound of squeaky shoes and sticks fills the air at the National Indoor Tournament (NIT). This annual tournament is held at various locations to accommodate the large number of athletes that participate. This year's event includes U-10 Co-Ed, U-12 Co-Ed, U-14 Girls, U-16 Girls and U-19 Girls divisions.

The NIT dates back to the late 1990s, with hundreds of teams participating in recent years at Spooky Nooks Sports in Lancaster, Pa. and the Greater Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, Va.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, only 25 spectators per court will be allowed at both Spooky Nook Sports in Lancaster, Pa. and the Greater Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, Va. Each participating athlete will receive one (1) spectator wristband. 

Spooky Nook Sports has been the host of the National Indoor Tournament since 2014. Located just outside of Lancaster, Pa., Spooky Nook Sports is the largest indoor sports complex in the United States, providing regulation courts and playing fields for more than a dozen sports under one roof. In addition to the 700,000-square-foot indoor facility, The Nook offers an outdoor field hockey pitch and a climate controlled dome used for field hockey, soccer, football, and more. The Nook is the premier destination for clubs, tournaments and competitions. Make it an overnight experience and stay at the Warehouse Hotel located within Spooky Nook Sports.

Address: 75 Champ Blvd., Manheim, PA 17545

The Greater Richmond Convention Center (GRCC) is the largest exhibition and meeting facility in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The GRCC - an impressive 700,000-square-foot, multi-purpose complex centrally located in Virginia’s capital - is one of the most desirable destinations in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The GRCC is situated within a 500-mile radius of more than half of the U. S. population. The Richmond region is considered a drive-to market along Interstate 95 but also is easily accessible by bus, rail and the Richmond International Airport, which is a 10-minute drive from downtown.

With 178,158 square feet of contiguous exhibit space, a 30,550 square-foot Grand Ballroom and 50,000 square feet of additional meeting/banquet space, the GRCC is well-positioned to host a variety of events from small meetings to large trade shows and conventions.

The convention center’s 411-space parking deck is attached to the facility. There are 10,039 parking spaces available within a six-block radius of the GRCC.

Address: 403 N. Third Street, Richmond, VA 23219


  • The first NIT took place in 1980.
  • In 2012, a U-21 Boys division was added. 
  • In 2013, the U-21 Boys division changed to U-16 Boys and Adult Men divisions were added.
  • In 2014, a U-12 Girls and Adult Women divisions were added. The U-12 Girls and U-14 Girls tournament was held at the same location in Lancaster, Pa. while the U-16 Girls division was a stand-alone events as the tournament size grew.
  • In 2015, the U-10 Co-Ed division was added. The U-12 Girls division was changed to a U-12 Co-Ed division and the U-17 Boys division was changed to U-18 Boys.
  • In 2016, the U-18 Boys divisions was changed to the U-17 Boys.
  • In 2019, the U-17 Boys division changed to U-19 Boys.
  • 2021: Lancaster, Pa. & Richmond, Va.
  • 2020: Lancaster, Pa. & Richmond, Va.
  • 2019: Lancaster, Pa. & Richmond, Va.
  • 2018: Lancaster, Pa. & Richmond, Va.
  • 2017: Lancaster, Pa. & Richmond, Va.
  • 2016: Lancaster, Pa. & Richmond, Va.
  • 2015: Lancaster, Pa. & Richmond, Va.
  • 2014: Lancaster, Pa., Richmond, Va. & Virginia Beach, Va.
  • 2013: Richmond, Va. & Virginia Beach, Va.
  • 2012: Richmond, Va. & Virginia Beach, Va.
  • 2011: Richmond, Va. & Virginia Beach, Va.
 U-10/12 Co-Ed    U-14 Girls
 A: WC Eagles Blue    A: WC Eagles Blue
 B: Windy City Blast    B: CPFH Purple
 C: Freedom HKY Bobcat    C: AGH-1
 D: Warhawks Black    D: Focus Black
 E: Richmond Panthers United    E: Richmond Panthers United Black
 F: Viper Red    F: WC Eagles Gold
 G: X-Calibur I    G: Shore Byrds Purple
 H: PA Revolution Steel    H: Metro HC Bronze
 I: Infinity Orange    I: IFHCK Spirit
 J: FSC Falcons Black    J: IFHCK Fire
 K: Southern Maryland Eliminators    K: X-Calibur Templars
 L: Focus    L: CPFH Violet
 M: Pursuit    M: UPRISE
 N: New Heights Gold    N: Saints Hockey Rocks Silver
 O: Souderton Strikers    O: South Jersey Edge Pink
 Q: WC Eagles    Q: Pinnacle Blue
 R: Team Chesapeake & Windy City Polar Bears     R: PowerHouse Thunder
 S: X-Calibur I    S: Focus White
 T: Souderton Striker U-10    T: East Coast Cyclone
 U: Viper    U: High Styx Stampede
     V: North East Elite Gold
     W: Pursuit
     X: United FHC
     Y: New Jersey Starz Blue
     Z: HUSEL
     AA: Hudson Valley
     BB: Pittsburgh Venom
     CC: Charlotte Ambush Gold
     DD: Windy City Vortex
     EE: Texas Pride Blue 
     FF: FH Life Blue 
     GG: East Stroudsburg Warriors
     HH: Southeast Storm
 U-16 Girls    U-19 Boys, U-19 Girls & Adult
 A: WC Eagles Diamonds    A: WC Eagles Diamonds
 B: Spirit of USA Dreaded Team 6    B: WC Eagles Gold 
 C: Souderton Strikers Red    C: WC Eagles Blue
 D: WC Eagles Blue    D: X-Calibur Justice 
 E: WC Eagles Gold    E: Freedom HKY Jaguars
 F: TCOYO Chi    F: SPark Blue
 G: X-Calibur Knights    G: WC Eagles Ruby
 H: HUSEL    H: IFHCK Spirit
 I: Freedom HKY Margay    I: Mystx Sting
 J: Majestyx FHC Pumas    J: FHL Red
 K: New Heights Black     K: WC Eagles Pearl
 L: SPark Blue    L: South Jersey Edge Pink
 M: WC Eagles Fly    M: WC Eagles Red
 N: PowerHouse Lightning    N: Electric Surge Black
 O: UPRISE Gold    O: North East Elite Black 
 P: Richmond Panthers United Black     P: AGH VI 
 Q: Spirit of USA Stars    Q: HUSEL 
 R: Mayhem Hawkeyes    R: Alley Cats
 S: Kennett Crush FHC    S: WC Eagles Orange
 T: Horizon Flash    T: X-Calibur Liberty
 U: Shore Bryds Silver    U: PA Power
 V: Focus    V: Princeton FHC
 W: AGH 2    W: South Jersey Edge Black
 X: Horizon Flame    X: Band of Brothers Black
 Y: AGH V    Y: Grandpas
 Z: U-16 Koa Green    Z: New England
 AA: ABC 1    AA: BL2M hoCK3EY

2019 NIT Winners: U-10/U-12 Co-EdU-14 GirlsU-16 GirlsU-19 Boys, U-19 Girls, Men, Women
2018 NIT Winners: U-10/U-12 Co-EdU-14 GirlsU-16 GirlsU-17 Boys, U-19 Girls, Men, Women
2017 NIT Winners: U-10/U-12 Co-EdU-14 GirlsU-16 GirlsU-19 Boys, U-19 Girls, Men, Women
2016 NIT Winners: U-10 Co-Ed, U-12 Co-EdU-14 GirlsU-16 GirlsU-17 Boys, U-19 Girls, Men, Women
2015 NIT Winners: U-10 Co-Ed, U-12 Co-Ed, U-14 Girls, U-16 Girls, U-18 Boys, U-19 Girls