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Sun, fun, turkey legs and field hockey sticks all in one place has been a staple of the National Hockey Festival for decades. Held each Thanksgiving weekend since 1981, Festival welcomes thousands of athletes, coaches, umpires and fans alike each year across the United States and Canada.

2019 marks the 39th edition of Festival and continues to be one of the largest field hockey tournaments in the nation and the world for an experience that can’t be beat.

2019 National Hockey Festival Partners:

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Tournament Sportsplex of Tampa Bay:
The 2019 National Hockey Festival is taking place in the heart of Tampa, Fla. at the Tournament Sportsplex of Tampa Bay, a multi-sport championship facility designed to bring elite tournaments to the area. The facility, located in southeast Hillsborough County, is centrally located to the airport, interstates and Downtown Tampa. Consisting of 15 full-sized fields (10 multi-purpose field, 4 quad fields and 1 championship field) the Sportsplex boasts itself as a tournament-only sports complex.

Sportsplex Use Policy

The Tampa Sports Authority of Hillsborough County established and maintain this Sportsplex for recreation and enjoyment for all citizens of the county and its guests. It is the responsibility of the Tampa Sports Authority to ensure safety and proper use of facility property. The following policies have been developed to govern all activities conducted at the Sportsplex.

General Usage Policies

The Tampa Sports Authority, 9330 Columbus Dr., Tampa, FL 33618, shall make the Hillsborough County Tournament Sportsplex available, on a nondiscriminatory basis to all groups of citizens, non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, and visitors for the purposes and uses that are in keeping with the nature and stature of the facilities. The requirements contained herein are intended to implement such policy while providing necessary safeguards to protect the facility and its furnishings.

A. No outside alcoholic beverages of any variety may be brought onto Sportsplex property.
B. Glass containers are prohibited on the premises.
C. Gambling or other like activities are prohibited on Sportsplex property.
D. No smoking or use of tobacco products of any kind.
E. No soliciting of any kind is permitted on site.
F. Personal and individual sound systems or voice amplification devices are not permitted without written consent of the Authority.
G. Please help keep the fields and facility clean by placing all trash and litter in receptacles provided throughout the grounds.
H. Use of buses, campers, and RV’s is limited to the consent of the Authority on an event-by-event basis.
I. Motorized and fuel-powered vehicles are limited to paved parking lot area only. Use of these vehicles on grass, sidewalks, and undesignated areas is strictly prohibited.
J. A minimum of 30 days advance written notice to the Director will be required for consideration of sampling or merchandise sales that are approved by Licensee.
K. Tents, canopies, and portable chairs are allowed in areas that do not interfere with the opportunity of enjoyment for others in the Sportsplex.
L. Failure to observe posted signs on and around the premises or Sportsplex Use Policy may result in immediate expulsion from the facility.

Prohibited Items

The following items are not permitted on the facility grounds; any guest or patron failing to adhere to the ensuing guidelines may be subject to removal from the premises. The Tampa Sports Authority reserves the right to inspect bags, coolers, and other containers during events.

A. Outside alcohol.
B. Glass bottles.
C. Smoking and use of tobacco products of any kind
D. Concealed weapons are permitted unless otherwise stated by event organizer. Open carry is not permitted in any circumstance.
E. Bikes, skateboards, hover boards, other unauthorized vehicles etc.
F. Pets, other than leashed service animals.
G. Fireworks and other pyrotechnics are not allowed within or around the facility.
H. Loose glitter, artificial snow, or confetti.
I. Drones, generators, grills, etc.
J. Artificial noisemakers, individual sound systems, and voice amplifiers.


  • Originally beginning in 1922, the National Hockey Festival's main focus was to bring the top college-aged and older athletes together from reach region to compete in a 3-day competition that fell during the Thanksgiving weekend. The winner was deemed the national champions and it also served as the U.S. Women's National Team trials.

  • In 1975 the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW) added the first national collegiate tournament. The first edition of the event was held at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Va. and was the beginning structure of what most are familiar with as today's postseason collegiate play. This took away the emphasis of the National Tournament.

  • In 1981 the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) took over the collegiate tournament, ending the AIAW. With the official postseason tournament now under a structured organization, the focus shifted for the National Tournament and instead of being an event only for college-aged and older athletes, it was opened up to high school clubs.
  • The event was then rebranded to be called Hockey Festival, and later changed to National Hockey Festival.
  • The very first Hockey Festival took place from November 25-29, 1981 in Orlando, Fla. behind the corporate building of Martin-Marietta Corporation. This event included 47 club teams.
  • 1982 - Mixed Division
  • 1034 - Open Division
  • 1986 - Men's Division
  • 1987 - Non-Competitive Recreation Sub-Divisions (Open, Club and Masters Divisions)
  • 2008 - Boys' Division
  • 2013 - U-14 Division
  • 2014 - Women's Division 
2019: Tampa, Fla. 2006: Indio, Calif. 1993: Irvine, Calif.
2018: Palm Beach County, Fla. 2005: West Palm Beach, Fla. 1992: Irvine, Calif.
2017: Palm Beach County, Fla. 2004: West Palm Beach, Fla. 1991: Coca, Fla.
2016: Palm Beach County, Fla. 2003: Indio, Calif. 1990: Coca, Fla.
2015: Palm Springs, Calif. 2002: Indio, Calif. 1989: Salisburg, N.C.
2014: Palm Springs, Calif. 2001: West Palm Beach, Fla. 1988: Irvine, Calif.
2013: Palm Beach County, Fla. 2000: West Palm Beach, Fla. 1987: Irvine, Calif.
2012: West Palm Beach, Fla. 1999: West Palm Beach, Fla. 1986: Virginia Beach, Va.
2011: Phoenix, Ariz. 1998: Indio, Calif. 1985: Norfolk, Va.
2010: Phoenix, Ariz. 1997: Palm Springs, Calif. 1984: Long Beach, Calif.
2009: Indio, Calif. 1996: West Palm Beach, Fla. 1983: Orlando, Fla.
2008: Indio, Calif. 1995: Palm Springs, Calif. 1982: Orlando, Fla.
2007: Indio, Calif.
1994: Seminole County, Fla. 1981: Orlando, Fla.