USA Field Hockey

2016 National Futures Championship Rules

Playing Rules: The most current set of International Rules will be used for the Tournament.

Ranking in Pools:

1.1   In each pool, all the teams will play against each other, and the following points will be awarded for each match:

  • 3 points to the winner
  • 1 point to each team, in the event of a draw.
  • 0 points to the loser

In each pool, teams will be ranked according to the number of points each has accumulated in the competition.

1.2   a. If at the end of the pool matches two or more teams have the same number of points for any place in a pool, these teams will be ranked according to their respective goal difference (“goals for” less “goals against”).  A positive goal difference always takes precedence over a negative one.

b. If there remains equality between two or more teams with the same number of points and the same goal difference, then these teams will be ranked according to the respective number of their “goals for”.

c. Should there still remain equity among two or more teams, then the results of the matches played between only those teams will be taken into consideration to determine the ranking of the time teams.

d. Should there still remain equality between two teams, then the matter will be settled by a shoot-out competition between those two teams (see Regulation 4) If more than two teams are involved, then each team will play a shoot-out competition against the other teams in accordance with Regulation 4 (but with not less than 3 shoot-outs to be taken compulsorily by each team) in the same sequence of play as per the order of play in the tournament.

A ranking will then be established based upon the results of the round of shoot-outs only, with the award for each play of 3 points to the team having scored or been awarded the highest number of goals, 1 point to each team having scored or been awarded an equal number of goals and 0 points to the team having scored or been awarded the lowest number of goals.

If equality remains then teams having an equal number of points shall be ranked according to Regulation 1.2 a),b),c) and d) as applied to goals recorded during the shoot-out competition.

If an equal position of three (or more) teams still remains thereafter, then the same procedure shall be repeated until the teams can be ranked.  A draw shall take place to establish each sequence of play if such further rounds of shoot-outs are required.

Duration of Matches

2.1   During the pool play portion of the tournament a match shall consist of two equal periods in the allotted time slot, separated by an interval which shall not exceed 4 minutes. There will be 5 minutes between games. The clock will be a running clock.

2.2   If the score is equal at the end of a classification match during the pool play portion of the tournament, it will be registered by the tournament technical delegate as the results. However, in order to establish an outright winner, a shoot-out competition will be played (see Regulation 4) during the cross over matches and final matches only. Because of the tight game schedule, the shoot-out competition will be sets of three.

2.3   During the cross-over portion of the tournament the match shall consist of two equal periods, separated by an interval which shall not exceed 4 minutes. There will be 5 minutes between matches.

2.4    During  the  finals  portion  of  the  tournament  the  match  shall  consist  of  two equal periods, a 4 minute half time, and 5 minutes between games.

Number of Players

3.1   During the pool play, cross over, and finals of the tournament, all games will have the regulation number of players (11 aside) playing on regulation size pitch.

SHOOT-OUT Competition

4.1   THREE players from each of the two teams, chosen by their respective team manager from the players listed on the entry form shall take a shoot-out alternately against one on the same goalkeeper of the other unless the latter have been incapacitated and replaced, making a total of six shoot-outs. Three for each team. The players nominate and communicated by the team managers to the Technical Officer on duty prior to the start of shoot-out competition.

4.2   The umpires shall choose the goal to be used and they shall toss a coin with the captains to decide which team shall take the first shoot-out. The team having been awarded the highest number of goals shall be the winner and the competition will cease once an outright winner has been established.

4.3   In the event of an equal number of goals having been awarded, another series of shoot-outs shall be started with the same players, subject to incapacitated players being replaced, and shall feature “sudden victory”, which shall mean that the winner shall be the first team to have been awarded more goals than the opposing team after an equal number of strokes (no minimum) have been taken by each team. If necessary, this “sudden death” series may exceed six shoot-outs. The sequence does not need to be the same as in the previous series and the team manager has freedom of choice at the time of each shoot-out as to which of the three nominated players will take the shoot-out using all nominated players before a player may take another shoot-out.

4.4    The team whose player has taken the first shoot-out of the first series shall not take the first shoot-out of the “sudden victory” series. This shall alternate             for subsequent shoot-out series.

4.5   The team managers, goalkeepers and nominated shooters only may enter the pitch during a shoot-out competition.  All these persons will remain outside the 25 yards area unless a player is directed by an umpire or technical table official to take or defend a shoot-out.

Danger Delay

Games will continue as scheduled through rainstorms.  Games cancelled on the account of thunder and lighting, impending danger or cancellation stemming from USA National Field Hockey Championship delays will not be rescheduled due to time and field limitations.

Missed games will be recorded as a scoreless draw (0-0).  If a game is cancelled at anytime, the score will be final at the time the game was ended. Games will NOT be started if less than a scheduled half period remains on the official running clock.

In the event crossover or classification games are cancelled or conclude in draws as the result of Danger Delays, shoot-out competitions will be held in accordance with Regulation 4 to determine the winners of the games.

Athletes MUST show up (regardless of the weather at their hotel) and be prepared to play immediately if the situation permits.  Individual athletes (and parents) are NOT to call the official USA Field Hockey number.  Athletes should remain in cars and wait to hear from coaches (or designated manager). Teams should decide a common area in the parking lot and someone with a cell phone should be the designated “receiver of information”.  Coaches (or designated managers) ONLY may proceed to USA Field Hockey Administrative offices.  USA Field Hockey officials will be located in the Administrative Offices when NOT permitted on the field during game delays.