The U.S. Center for SafeSport is an independent nonprofit organization responsible for responding to and preventing emotional, physical, and sexual misconduct and abuse in the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement. The Center also serves as an educational resource for sports organizations at all levels, from recreational sports organizations to professional leagues.



The MAAPP is a collection of proactive prevention and training policies for the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Movement. It has three primary components: an Education and Training Policy, Required Prevention Policies, and Recommended Prevention Policies. The Center developed the MAAPP to assist National Governing Bodies, Paralympic Sport Organizations, Local Affiliated Organizations, the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, and other individuals to whom these policies apply in meeting their obligations under federal law.

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U.S. Center for SafeSport Resources


Education and Outreach Office
The Center’s Education and Outreach Office will administer prevention programming, raise issue awareness, and provide resources and training to promote respect and prevent misconduct, such as bullying, hazing, harassment and abuse.

The Center will:
Provide education materials, including talking points, fact sheets, brochures and training materials
Centralize best practices, provide self-evaluation tools and offer specialized resources
Offer sport organizations easy access to educational opportunities for their coaches, staff, volunteers, parents and athletes

Response and Resolution Office
The Center’s Response and Resolution Office will investigate and resolve alleged policy violations for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movements’ 47 member National Governing Bodies, including USA Diving.

As a member organization of the U.S. Olympic Committee, USA Diving has agreed to adhere to the Center's policies and procedures, including the SafeSport Code, which identifies prohibited conduct and serves as the benchmark by which the Center determines whether or not a policy violation has occurred. These policies and procedures also outline:

      - Center jurisdiction and authority

      - Sanctioning guidelines
      - Reporting and confidentiality

       - Resolution procedures, including investigation and arbitration

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Aggregate data from Center investigations will be used to identify trends and patterns across sport, strengthening national prevention efforts.


All individuals, regardless of membership with USA Diving, are encouraged to report suspected violations of the SafeSport Code. This Code of Conduct establishes consistent standards of response and resolution to abuse and misconduct claims behavior across the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement. The USOPC, NGBs, and LAOs must comply, in all respects, with these policies and procedures as defined by the Code. All participants of these organizations are responsible for adhering to and understanding the Code. Covered Individuals who are over the age of 18 are required to report suspected SafeSport Code violations related to or accompanying sexual misconduct. Covered Individuals who fail to report SafeSport Code violations may be subject to disciplinary action.

How to Report
Individuals should report suspected SafeSport Code violations directly to the Center.

 Reporting to the Center
• Online:
• Phone (Toll Free):
833-5US-SAFE (587-7233)

Although the Center cannot guarantee confidentiality, it will, to the greatest extent possible, maintain the privacy of all individuals involved in the investigation and resolution of alleged SafeSport Code violations.

Anonymous Reporting
Anonymous reporting is permitted.

Legally Mandated Reporting
Reporting alleged criminal conduct to USA Diving or the Center will not satisfy any individual mandatory reporting requirements under state or federal law. Visit to view state-by-state mandatory reporting laws to determine your reporting obligations and options.


In response to an alleged SafeSport Code violation, the Center may:
Initiate an informal resolution
Conduct a full investigation
Conclude the alleged violation is out of scope and refer the matter to USA Diving or the U.S. Olympic Committee

Informal Resolution
The Center may conduct an informal inquiry to collect preliminary facts to determine if the matter should be resolved informally, investigated further or not investigated at this time.

Full Investigation
At the start of a full investigation, the Center will provide notice to both involved parties. Each will be given the opportunity to present supporting evidence and provide contact information for potential witnesses.

Investigator’s Report
After reviewing the evidence in the case and interviewing relevant witnesses, an investigator will prepare a written report detailing:
The facts of the case based on the available evidence
Whether or not, based on a preponderance of the evidence, the investigator believes a violation of the SafeSport Code has occurred
Recommended sanctions, if any

Director’s Decision
The Center’s director of investigations will issue a decision based on the available evidence. If the director determines the individual in question has violated the SafeSport Code, he or she may seek arbitration.


The Center has jurisdiction over Covered Individuals. These are persons:
• Within the governance or disciplinary jurisdiction of USA Diving
• USA Diving or the USOC authorizes, approves or appoints to a position of authority over athletes or who will have frequent contact with athletes
• Identified by USA Diving as being within the Center’s jurisdiction

The Center will have the exclusive authority to investigate and resolve alleged SafeSport Code violations involving sexual misconduct. USA Diving will retain the authority to investigate and resolve alleged SafeSport Code violations that are non-sexual in nature. Although, at USA Diving's request, the Center may exercise the discretionary authority to take on cases of this nature.

Exclusive Authority
All forms of sexual misconduct

Discretionary Authority
Other policy violations, including physical misconduct, emotional misconduct, bullying, hazing and harassment


The disciplinary process is designed to protect all USA Diving athletes, members and participants from future misconduct. With this in mind, all recommended sanctions will be reasonable and proportionate to the violation committed and will emphasize education to ensure that minor misconduct does not escalate into a major violation.

Imposing Sanctions
In response to the Center’s determination that a SafeSport Code violation has occurred, USA Diving will impose any sanctions recommended by the Center. Potential sanctions include, among others, any combination of the following:
Loss of privileges
Eligibility or participation restrictions

In determining appropriate sanctions, the Center will consider a range of factors, including but not limited to:
The seriousness of the violation
The ages of the individuals involved
Whether or not the alleged policy violator poses an ongoing threat to the safety of others

Implementation Across the Olympic and Paralympic Movement
Participation restrictions imposed by a USOC-member NGB will be upheld across the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement. To learn more, click here.

Click here to learn more or to view the Center’s policies and procedures to determine your responsibilities under the SafeSport Code. The Center’s policies and procedures are subject to change. Should the policies and procedures vary from the information contained herein, the policies and procedures will govern.

The U.S. Center for SafeSport’s Centralized Disciplinary Database is a resource designed to keep the public informed when individuals connected with the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Movements are either subject to certain temporary restrictions pending investigation by the Center or are subject to certain sanctions after an investigation found them in violation of the SafeSport Code. The database also contains certain eligibility decisions made by the National Governing Bodies (NGB), their Local Affiliated Organizations (LAO), or the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC), including those rendered prior to the establishment of the Center. To view database, click here.


To cultivate and steward a culture of dignity and respect in sport.

Enable every athlete to thrive by fostering a national sport culture of respect and safety, on and off the field of play.

Every athlete is safe, supported and strengthened through sport.

• Safe. Athletes are protected from emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

Supported. Athletes enjoy welcome, respectful environments, and diversity is actively embraced.

Strengthened. Athletes use the skills they’ve learned in sport to contribute to the well-being of their communities.



This Code of Conduct establishes consistent standards of response and resolution to abuse and misconduct claims behavior across the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement. The USOPC, NGBs, and LAOs must comply, in all respects, with these policies and procedures as defined by the Code. All participants of these organizations are responsible for adhering to and understanding the Code.